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So, you found the site, good job, well done!  You’ve also clicked around a little and marveled at the huge amount of information that is available, read a few reviews and looked at a google map with lots of little icons all over the city.

But, all of this causes a small problem, just which of all the glorious gluten-less goodness in Berlin should you visit/try first?

Well, this is where I can help, with my Top Recommendations for a gluten free life in Berlin!

Eating without Gluten

Places that have specific gluten free items are hard to find here, so its a short list :

  1. Suzette – Galettes and Cider – ReviewWebsite
    • Galettes are fast becoming my favourite gluten free meal these days, they have a wide variety and some vegetarian options.  Plus, their cider is the best.
  2. Aunt Bennys – Sandwiches, Soup, Brownies and other Desserts – ReviewWebsite
    • One of my favourite gluten free place in Berlin, they have a wide selection of lunch options and usually a couple of choices for dessert.
  3. Cafe Eis Voh – Cakes, Coffee and Ice Cream – Review – Review 2Website
    • A good large selection of Ice Cream (with gluten free cones) and many gluten free cakes on offer.  They have also started serving meals and other treats, cookies etc.  A definite place to visit on your trip to Berlin, there is nowhere else with a better selection.
  4. Cielo Di Berlino – Pizza – ReviewWebsite
    • The BEST gluten free pizza in the city.  Better than Simela in terms of food and atmosphere although a little more difficult to get to.
  5. Ohlàlà V Tartes Shop – Sunday Brunch – ReviewFacebook
    • They offer a vegan gluten free brunch, at the moment every weekend, check their facebook page for up to date information (if the vegan part puts you off, please read my review first!

There are places like La Mano Verde, Cha Cha and Block House where they have written gluten free next to the things that they sold anyway without gluten.

Gluten Free Beer in a Bar

Unfortunately there are not many bars that stock gluten free beer.  You’re best bet is to try Dirty South or one of the other restaurants listed above, if you’re looking for a regular bar with gluten free beer you’re out of luck at the moment (June 2014), there are none.

Shopping without Gluten

If you’re looking for a single place to go to where you can stock up on a fair range of gluten free food, go to the Vitalia at Friedrichstrasse.  They have an entire wall of products from various suppliers and a freezer section with pizzas, lasagna etc.  See the berlinale page for details here.

For a complete selection of what you can buy here in Germany, head to Alexanderplatz.  All within a short distance of each other you have :

  • Galaria Kaufhof (although their freezer section is currently limited) – Review
  • Vitalia – Review
  • Reformhaus Quentin – Review
  • DM – Near to Saturn – They offer some gluten free products not available in the other shops.
  • Rossmann – In the basement of Alexa – As with DM, they have a limited selection (mostly biscuits, flours and pasta) but of a different brand than other places.

Rare bits n bobs, those things that are only available in a few places in the city, generally better than the mass available variants. (this section has not been updated recently, I’d double check on these places)



38 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. Thanks – we will be visiting Berlin soon and the information on your blog will be very useful!

  2. Thank you for your very useful blog! I`m a gluten free Berlin fan from Finland and your blog has made Berlin visits even more enjoyable. In Finland it`s almost too easy to be gluten free 😉 ( almost all the restaurants and shops have gluten free choices). I`m visiting Berlin this and next week and I´m going to try some of your new recommendations. 🙂

  3. hi, i am visiting berlin and had a wonderful gluten free meal at Sarah weiner’s restaurant complete with bread at the beginning of the meal. the staff asked in the kitchen what they could offer and there were several options on the menu.

  4. Hi, we’re going to berlin for Easter. I think your blog will help us a lot.
    A great thank you for this job.

    Paolo & Marco – Italy

  5. Hi! I’ll be backpacking through Berlin for a couple of days in the upcoming weeks – I’m trying to figure out what ‘traditional’ german foods will ‘always’ be safe for me to consume… So far another blog from a celiac has indicated Currywurst is okay, pork knuckle, and also german chocolate. I’ve heard mixed opinions on Bratwurst…

    Do you have any suggestions? I won’t have much time to search out specific restaurants and I’d really like to enjoy as much of traditional Berlin food as I possibly can…

    Thank you for your help!!!

    1. Bratwurst is generally ok (as are most sausage products here) but I’d always check first to be sure, there is a good currywurst stand at the saturday market on kollwitzplatz (search for restaurant zander in google). Eisbein (pork knuckle) is usually safe, it’s pretty much just pork and potatoes, I’ve heard that Gambrinus on Linienstraße is pretty good for traditional berlin food. Oh, and Essen Fassen sometimes have a gluten free schnitzel, check out the review.

  6. Hi Have you tried: Il cielo di berlino? Monumentenbrücke! They have very good GF PIzza! I have been there twice! You should make a visit for your Blog! Thank you again for your useful tipps and Ideas!

  7. Do you have any info on a glutenfree Döner place? A lot of them offer boxes (so no bread), but the meat isn’t always safe unless you ask and inspect everything they put in there apparently.

    1. No, I’m not aware of any that are definitely gluten free. I’ve been to a couple where they say there is no gluten in the shawarma (Zweistrom in Prenzlauer Berg for one), but whether you believe that they know what they’re talking about is another thing.

  8. SiAn in Rykerstrasse 36 (Pberg) is not “ufficially gluten-free” but they garanteed that everything is naturally gluten free. The traditional Viet cusine uses only rice. I ate everything without consequences – and i loved it!

  9. Brilliant blog, I just wish I’d found it before I went .. at least I’ll have the information when I go again, thank you.

  10. Your blog is a lifesaver for me as I will be traveling to Europe in June with my gluten-free family. Now we will know where to eat and shop for our food! Thank you so, so much!

  11. We’re going back to Berlin, for me since 1972 when I studied there. My wife has celiac disease so this information will be very helpful. Our travels are as much food and restaurant people adventures as sightseeing and museums. It will be strange for me without the wall around the “island” of Berlin.

  12. Hallo! Thanks for your site, it’s very useful. 🙂

    I’m looking for gluten free beer. Do you know where can I find some?

  13. We have just returned from a trip to Berlin and I found your website so helpful in allowing us to plan where we could eat. We tried Simela and Cha Cha and they were both excellent and my daughter (who is coeliac) loved the food there. We also ate at the Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt (Charlottenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin) and they were very helpful. There is nothing marked gluten free on the menu but our waiter happliy checked with the chef (we had brought a list in German of what my daughter could not eat) and they told us that all their sausages were gluten free. My daughter loved her meal of Nuremberg sausages on mashed potato, served with a sauce made without flour. She is very sensitive to even small amounts of gluten and had no reaction at all to eating this meal. We ate there twice during our stay.
    Thanks again for all your great advice!

  14. Hi there. I work for Sauvage. I just wanted to let your readers know that we are a 100% Gluten-free restaurant–and we’re not hiding it! Since we have never served anything with gluten and no gluten has ever entered our kitchen, there is absolutely no risk of cross-contamination. A lot of customers come to us with concerns about this and many learn about the restaurant through your blog post, so I thought I would put that information out there. To my knowledge we are the only restaurant in the city where there is no cross-contamination risk and where diners can eat worry-free as well as gluten-free.

  15. Hi, nice blog..always appreciate those that go to time and effort to circulate the news thats so helpful to some! So..I am coming to berlin for a month next week. I have a 100% gluten free cafe in uk but coming for a non related creative escape. I you know if there are shops that stock gluten free flours for cakes and break making? Here we have “doves farm” brand…i still have to stay busy experimenting aked and stuff for my shop! (no rest for the wicked)…any extra info would be great. Thank you.

  16. But what about bread, this one is killing me! The bakery attached to Netto has bread and rolls to order now in most branches, tastes remotely bread like. Anybody got any easy access suggestions for gf bread?

  17. Heading to Berlin as part of a school trip next year, and this website has helped a lot. I’ve been freaking out about what I’m going to eat there, as I’ve never been there before, and this has certainly eased some of my fears. Thank you!

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