Product Review – Blumenbrot Buchweizen

Every so often something special happens.  I’ll walk into a store, pondering whether to spoil one’s self with some gluten-less bread of cookies, when out of the blue I’ll spot a box that I haven’t seen before.  This happens fairly often here, its like every shop orders in their glutenfrei items in bulk and the delivery company throws in something random.  There’s no pattern, one shop could have two or three rare items but nowhere else in the city has them and vice versa.  It makes shopping into a fun little treasure hunt.

So, I came across these the other day and thought “hmm, buckwheat crackers, might aswell give them a go, its something different at least”.  Got them home, slapped some additional ingredients on top and was most surprised.  You see, after years of only eating corn crackers, I’d got used to the idea that the cracker itself should have practically no flavour.  It was a little shock then, when these little slabs of heaven turned out to actually taste of something, and something good!

In conclusion, BUY THEM!

Available at : Kiepert & Kutzner

They also have Quinoa and Chestnut versions available on most of the online stores.


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