Shop Review – Galeria Kaufhof Alexanderplatz

For those that don’t know, the Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz is a huge department store affair, selling pretty much anything you can think of for marginally inflated prices.  Not the first port of call for the Gluten-less, and for my first 6 months here I barely gave the place a second thought.  Mostly due to the fact that their gluten free section consited of this.

Which, whilst being a pretty good selection of Glutano products, it wasn’t exactly setting my taste buds on fire (Glutano stuff tends to be a little overly processed and bland, basically cardboard).  But, one day, a friend came to me and informed me that Galeria were selling pre-made frozen pizzas!  So, I immediately rushed over and found that they’d installed a glorious extra freezer section.

A tiny little aladins cave of glutenfrei goodies!  So far this is the only place I’ve found in Berlin which sells things like this.  There are Pizzas, Ice Cream cones, desserts, pasta and frozen bread (and yes, that one in the top right is gluten free ready to roll puff pastry).  Now, the quality is ok, its not the best glutenfrei pizza you’ll ever have and you could certainly make far better yourself at home.  But, that takes time and its kinda nice to be able to buy pre-made junk food that you can just throw into the oven when the lazyness strikes.

From the looks of it, they stock the whole DS range, if you want a little more information there’s plenty on the english version of the site :

In conclusion, yes, you should definitly pay a visit to Galeria kaufhof.  Although, be warned, your wallet will pay the price (the Pizzas are €5.99 each).

Click the banner below to see all the details of this shop on our sister site, Allergy Explorer.
Allergy Explorer - Gluten Free food and restaurant listings in Germany

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