Shop Review – Kiepert & Kutzner

I’ve never really shopped at Kiepert & Kutzner much myself, even though it is within 10 minutes walk of my apartment.  The problem being that as good as it is being a Bio-Lebensmittel, its pretty terrible at being on my list of places to buy gluten-less goodies.

The first reason is this

and this

Gluten free items are thrown in with other non-glutenfrei products.  Making someone look through all the things that they cannot eat to find one or two things that they can is just cruel, not to mention a waste of time.  But, at least they do have some things, but its nothing too special spread out across the store.

The second problem, and something which compounds the first, is that they do have a gluten free section!  What criteria is used to decide what goes in this section and what doesn’t is beyond me.

Now, I could forgive them if they had an amazing selection.  But, they don’t.  Its mostly from the horrific Merz company (read : gluten free from 10 years ago, bland and rock like) with a few others thrown in.  To make matters even worse they have Dinkel (spelt) crackers and bread in the middle on the top shelf, which to me, shows a blatant lack of knowledge about gluten.

In conclusion, its a great organic shop but avoid if you’re looking for gluten-less treats.  Well, that is apart from the fact that they sell buckwheat crackers, these alone are well worth the trip here.

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3 thoughts on “Shop Review – Kiepert & Kutzner

  1. I can sort of understand where the dinkel confusion comes from. For years I thought I had a gluten intolerance but I could always eat spelt, so I thought it didn’t have gluten in it. Turns out I had a wheat allergy that has nothing to do with gluten. So, some people who can’t have wheat can have spelt. That being said, it still doesn’t belong in gluten-free, because it’s not!

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