Shop Review – Quentin Reformhaus Alexa

Easily one of the better stocked Gluten Free shops in the city, I think they have a little bit from every glutenfrei supplier in Germany tucked away on their shelves :

Plus, the two end sections of each isle are full of gluten-less goodness (including a considerable Christmas food selection).  I think there is the whole Schär range, quite a few items from 3 Pauly range (although no seasame crackers) plus many others.  They do have a good selection of breaded products, including the great Schär Ciabattas.

The big steal though is that behind the counter they have some (supposedly fresh and homemade, although I’m not 100% convinced on that point) Mandel Hörn (horse shoe Almond cakes with chocolate on either end).  They are quite quite lovely.

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