Restaurant Review – Cha Cha

Its a tough life, being one of the gluten afflicted in a city that doesn’t really recognise or understand such a condition.  There are so many times when inquiring about the gluten content of a meal, I’m met with a facial response akin to me asking them to explain the higgs boson particle.  But, thankfully, there are a few refuges in the city where they not only are aware of this gluten thing, but have made an active effort to do something about it.

This, is what brings me to Cha Cha on Friedrichstrasse.  Its a Thai restaurant of sorts.  Thai fusion I suppose is the more official way of describing it.  When I was there, they were mixing Thai with Indian, not an unwelcome pairing.  I get ahead of myself though.

You walk in to the oddly portioned off concrete space.  Sit at one of the long benches and wonder if you happen to of wandered into a Wagamama.  Then you pick up the menu and are greeted with some little green G’s wrapped in circles.

Each one denoting that there is none of that nasty Gluten stuff inside.  There is a pretty good selection, around half of the dishes were available and, get this, TWO desserts.  Now this is where my excitement abides a little.  You see, I love the fact that they’re offering gluten-less food.  But the problem is, this isn’t gluten free food.  Its food that happens not to have any gluten in it.  Whilst its nice that they point this out, you could get the same food in any Thai restaurant in the city.

The meal itself was pretty good, nothing special, but nothing bad for sure.  It was a mixture of the aforementioned Thai and Indian cuisines, Chicken Tikki in a Thai Curry. And at around 8 to 9 euros for a main meal, pretty cheap considering its location smack bang in the middle of Mitte.

In conclusion.  If you’re in the area and looking for somewhere to eat, you could do a lot worse than Cha Cha (and if you’re just visiting Berlin, its a definitely one to note as its fairly close to most of the main tourist highlights).  But I wouldn’t go out of my way to make a trip here.

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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Cha Cha

  1. Oh, bummer. I’ve passed it so many times thinking it looked like a rip off of Wagamama but that it probably wouldn’t be as good. And I guess, it’s not.

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