Cafe Review – Ohlàlà V Tartes Shop

Ahh, the Berlin brunch, how I do love it.  Well, apart from the having to check each dish for gluten with (a probably clueless) staff and then wait for them to check with the kitchen.  Generally, resulting in there being a few dishes that are gluten free and many that are not (usually enough to keep the belly rumbles at bay though).  So when I heard that there was to be a 100%, completely Gluten Free brunch in Berlin, I almost popped with excitement.  Alas, timing was not in my favour and it took me a good few weeks to make it to one.

The place itself is located a little north from Boxhagenerplatz, near to the Samariterstraße U5 stop and not too far down the street from Funk You.  Meaning that the area is fast becoming the best place to go to eat out gluten free (checkout the nearby Dirty South, who are gluten free friendly also).

Inside Ohlàlà, things are a little small but certainly not cramped, as in, it doesn’t feel like your sat on the lap of the person next to you, like some other places here.   Infact, it gives more of a homely, comfortable air that lends itself to being more sociable with your fellow diners.  Alas, the end result is that there are a limited number of tables, so I would highly recommend reserving one via email a few days in advance (see their facebook page for details).

The spread itself is pretty good, plenty of warm and cold food.  Both salads and fried goodies.

The little bowls were delicious mini soups and the stars in the top left were small fried delights of potato.  Happiness.

My second favourite were the gluten free waffles in the middle here.  With a little jam they were rather yummy, lovely and crunchy, just as I like them.

All in all, I was quite happy with the food.  Although, with being non-vegan and non-vegetarian I was a little worried about the selection, being limited to gluten free food is bad enough without further limiting the options.  But in the end, it wasn’t noticeable as there was plenty of tasty food to eat and it certainly didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.  The sheer joy at being able to eat EVERYTHING available was pleasure enough.

Now, the detectives among you may of noticed that I referred to my second favourite food on offer.  Meaning that there must be a first favourite, well, you are correct, it was the chocolate mousse.

Tiny.  Absolutely delicious.  Square.  And with nuts.  What more could you want?  (plus, the tiny spoons to eat the mousse with were rather fun)

Now, a little about my previous experience with Ohlàlà.  I had heard that they offered glutenfrei tartes some time ago (infact, I had expected there to be some at this brunch) and had visited a couple of times to sample.  But on each occasion I was told that there was nothing gluten free on offer, there simply are not enough gluten free diners passing by to warrant it.  It’s a shame, but understandable.  Since then, they have added something to their menu :

Gluten Free Waffles!  It’s not a full meal, but I’ll happily take it.

In conclusion, go, you can be at a brunch, eat anything you want without a care in the world.  There are few things better for a gluten sufferer.   Plus, go as often as possible, there are few pplaces in the city that offer this kind of service for us, go and support them, give them as much money as possible and hope that their gluten free options only expand.

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4 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Ohlàlà V Tartes Shop

  1. Their brunch is just amazing, And they seem to put so much love in what they do that I believe the food tastes even better because of it.

    I’m really happy that there are places like this to help people with diet restrictions or different lifestyles to have delicious meals with such quality.

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