Restaurant Review – Suzette Crêperie

Glutenfrei Berlin Suzette

Being English and having suffered from a stereotypical ‘scoffing at all things French’ upbringing, I don’t think I’d ever even heard of a galette until I found out that I was Gluten Intolerant.  I had assumed that all things crepe like were made from wheat flour, that’s what europe uses in everything right?  Well, nope.  Turns out galettes are usually naturally gluten free from Buckwheat flour (I’m sure there are many crappy version with a buckwheat/actual wheat combo though) so it’s only the cross contamination you have to worry about.

So, when I heard a new galette place had opened nearby and that their menu actually mentions the gluten free-ness of their galettes, I was very happy and rushed round.  The place is nice and perfectly French enough, just look at the menu.

gluten free suzetteC’est magnifique!  Well, yes, that is a Tintin book, but the menu is inside there.  Trust me.

glutenfrei menu suzetteLook, there it is! With it’s own little glutenfrei logo in the top right.

gluten free galette berlin

I’ve been there a few times now and I honestly can’t remember which particular delight this one was, but I can definitely remember that it was rather delicious.  I’ve had a few galettes over the past few years and this was easily my favourite, it’s just so crispy and crunchy!  I was getting into the whole French mood so I ordered this too.

gluten free berlin suzetteAlthough there is also gluten free cider available.

glutenfrei cidre suzette berlin

Look, there it is in some bottles, just sitting on a shelf for all to see.

gluten free creperie berlin

The street that it is on is pretty nice for a walk down.  There’s even a Macaroon shop, a little further towards Eberswalder Str U-Bahn, called Mon Plaisir with gluten free macaroons and cookies!

In conclusion, go for a lunch, it’s good.  Nothing more.

glutenfrei crepiere suzette

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3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Suzette Crêperie

  1. Nice review 🙂 I’ve been there and I found amazing how nice the service was.I’ve already forgotten during my last years in Berlin how pleasant it can be to get a nice service in restaurant 😀 And here it is! It tastes great and you leave the bar with a smile on your face 😉 I was there only once, but I surely will go back there!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. This was my first foray into eating out post celiac diagnosis, so I was rather freaked out, but all went well. Not to mention, it was absolutely delicious and only a few blocks from where I live! Score.

  3. So delicious but unfortunately I noticed that they’re doing the glutenfree crepes on the same pan as the not glutenfree ones…so sad!

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