Cafe Review – Eis Voh

One of the benefits to doing this blog is that people message me all the time suggesting new places to try, places that I would of never found otherwise.  So after a tip, I trundeled off to Friedenau with the idea of getting myself a little ice cream in a gluten free cone.  And this is exactly what I did.  I arrived to this.

There isn’t much better than going into a place and seeing glutenfrei things prominently displayed.  But, then, after looking at the rest of the shop, I realised I had had a brain fart.  I had come in search of ice cream, but discovered/remembered that they also do cakes!

Thats right, a lot of cakes and ALL of them gluten free!  So, here comes my dilema.  I came for gluten free ice cream.  I want to eat gluten free ice cream in a gluten free ice cream cone.  But they have cakes.  I like cake.  I want to eat cake.  Why can’t I eat cake!?

So rather than continuing to stamp my feet like a 5 year old, I came up with a devilish plan.  I’d eat some ice cream, go for a walk to ‘digest’ said ice cream, and then just have to come back and review the cake too.  I owe it to my readers you see!

I walked up to the counter and inquired which of their ice creams were gluten-less, “all of them” came the reply, happiness indeed.

Thankfully, the ice cream was rather delicious too, I had been prepared just for the delights of a gluten free cone with some ordinary ice cream, this was not the case.

A short ‘walk’ later, I came back and purchased this.

And fortunately I was capable of twisting the arm of my cafe partner into getting a slice also.  (well, I do have to sample such things for the review)

Both were rather good, especially the strawberry cake, lovely soft and moist.  Yum indeed.

The friendly staff informed that they never intended to be a mecca for all things gluten-less, it just happens that people started coming into their cafe and asking them if they made gluten free cakes.  They started making them and then word got around and now that’s pretty much all they do.  Perhaps this is a good idea for all of us, to start going into cafes and start asking them to make cakes and sandwiches for us, nay, demand it!

And in answer to your question, yes, you should definitely go and eat both ice cream and cake.

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3 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Eis Voh

  1. Lets start going into bars and start asking them for a beer! This thing is really missing..or do you know a bar in Berlin, where I could become a frequenter?

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