Restaurant Review – Cielo di Berlino

cielo di berlino glutenfrei pizza berlin

The only downside to having a gluten free pizza place in your city is if said gluten free pizza place is the only one in said city.  So whilst I still enjoy the delights of Simela, my pizza based life was certainly lacking a little originality.  Thankfully there are other people in the world who understand this problem and one of them decided to start offering gluten-less pizzas here in Berlin, happiness and joy!  Cielo di Berlino itself is a kind of a little place, situated in what appears to be an old Berliner Kneipe (a pub of sorts, usually situated on a corner) a little south of Yorkstrasse.

cielo di berlino gluten free pizza

Their bases are made from buckwheat and yes, you did read that correctly, they also offer lactose free cheese on the pizza!


The interior is in keeping with the history of the place, you have a few small wooden tables with flowers and such on them and the clientele is varied.  On the night I visited there was a nice mix of young couples, the odd tourist and an old couple who seemed to of been coming to the place for the last 40 years.


The menu itself is nice and simple and fairly standard, pick your pizza type and then add on two euros for the glutenfrei version (note, it’s only available in small).


Then, you should expect to wait a while.  This isn’t a big restaurant with a giant kitchen staff, neither is it an exercise in stale pre-prepared goods, rather each pizza is made fresh by hand by (on my visit) a single guy behind the counter.  This is a definitely a good thing, but if the place is busy, you will need to be patient.


So, when the pizza arrived, I was rather hungry and excited.  Now, the only downside to this whole experience is that I was not blown away by the pizza itself, the toppings were only ok and the whole thing was a little over seasoned, but not enough to be a problem.  The base, however, was rather good, thin and crispy and definitely better than the base at Simela.

cielo di berlino glutenfrei pizza base

As the gluten free pizza is only available in small, I was quite happy to see on their menu that they had some desserts available!

cielo di berlino glutenfrei menu

Plus, only €1.70!  I quickly ordered one.

cielo di berlino gluten free chocolate cake

It was rather delicious and rich, the perfect gluten free dessert.

In conclusion, I would recommend Cielo di Berlino, whilst the pizza is not as quite good as those at Simela, you have to remember that it is also half the price and that they offer gluten free desserts (plus, the odd other dish which is gluten free).  Add to this that the place has a little more character and soul to it and it makes up for it.

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5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Cielo di Berlino

  1. they recently switched from serving small & big pizzas to only medium sized ones. so the glutenfree ones have gotten bigger and the normal big ones smaller.

  2. Have just visited this place and what a joy! The pizzas (and pasta said my son) was the best we ever had and really cheap too. It is worth mentioning that it is Italian that have this reestaurant and therefore the big knowledge about gluten.

  3. This restaurant was really excellent! My celiak son was very happy with his glutenfree pizza, and my wife, who is allergic to milk, and maybe some sort of sensitivity to gluten, had a glutenfree pizza with lactose free cheese that tasted very good. If you want glutefree pizza, you pay a little extra, and if you want lactose free cheese, that’s a little extra too, but the price and quality was absolutely OK.
    The only disappointment being that they said they don’t serve tiramisu in summertime, only in wintertime. 🙂

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