Product Review – Terrasana Black Rice Noodles

One of the problems of living in a country where being gluten free isn’t too well known is the lack of variety in gluten-less foods you can buy.  So, when I saw black rice noodles in the LPG Biomarkt at Senefelderplatz, I had to buy them.  As much for the fact that they’re black, ie. different, than anything else.  Sometimes just the act of not eating the same thing again is good enough.

All in all, they’re quite good, a nice high quality noodle (for these mass produced pre-packaged kind), although to be honest, in the mouth you’re unlikely to notice the difference from regular rice noodles.

So, in conclusion, buy them if you want a change.  Otherwise, they’re noodles, there is not much else to say on them.


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