June 2014 Update

Here’s an update on the various tips and such that I have received over the past few months.  Some are unverified so please check yourself before stuffing goodies into your face :

  • Cafe Tayas – Gluten Free cakes are listed as available on their facebook page.
  • Dean and David – The list on their menu which items have gluten and lactose.
  • Chén Chè Tea House – Nothing listed on their site but I’ve had a few tips that they can accommodate us gluten free types.
  • Steinecke – If you haven’t managed to see all of their posters and flyers, they’re now offering gluten free bread.  Although you have to order fairly far in advance.
  • Burrito Baby – They can make their meals gluten free, but their gluten free burritos come in a kind of ‘assemble yourself’ way.
  • TV Tower Restaurant Alexanderplatz – They list on their menu which items are gluten free and lactose free.
  • Tassen Kuchen – They have been known to offer gluten free pancakes on the weekend, check before visiting though.
  • Chay Viet – Had a tip that their menu lists what is gluten free.
  • FBI Eatery – They list on their menu what is gluten free and lactose free.
  • ErsteSahne Otivm – Had a tip that their ice cream and semifreddi is gluten free.
  • Mio Matto – Vegan restaurant that has gluten free Pizza also, above the Veganz supermarket.

October 2013 Update

Had a few tips on new Gluten Free places that have opened up or changed here in Berlin :

  • Herr Nilson Godis – They have a new shop in Prenzlauer Berg serving their gluten free Swedish pick and pix.  If you haven’t visited yet, you should definitely go, Stargarder Straße 58, 10437 Berlin.
  • Chüechliwirtschaft – Had a tip that they offer gluten free cakes, their website mentions that they have Gluten and Lactose free fruit tarts.
  • Dai Ragazzi – They offer Gluten and Lactose free pasta dishes along with Gluten Free almond cookies and other desserts.
  • Juki – They have Gluten Free soy sauce and are able to accommodate Gluten Free diners.
  • Princess Cheesecake – Gluten Free cake is usually available, made with fresh oranges and an almond meringue base.
  • District Mot – Had a tip that they can serve gluten free food and have gluten free cake.  Although I’ve been unable to verify this with them and there is no mention of them offering anything gluten free on their menu/website.
  • Wo der Bär den Honig holt – Gluten Free carrot cake.
  • Nigi Berlin – Gluten and Lactose Free Onigiri, available at multiple locations around Berlin.
  • Sfizy Veg – Had a tip that they offer Gluten Free pasta and that you can pre-order Gluten Free pizza.  Although I’ve been unable to verify this with them and there is no mention of them offering anything gluten free on their menu/website.
  • Victoria – They have gluten free cakes available, chocolate, almond and orange hazelnut caramel.
  • Waterlily – They can make some of their dishes gluten free.  The dishes available is not listed on their menu.

March 2013 Update

Here’s a collection of new places and tips received over the past few months.  I have not personally verified most of these so take extra care before visiting :

  • Pappa e Ciccia – Schwedter Straße 18, 10435 Berlin – They have lot’s of Antipasti and main courses that don’t contain gluten (vegetables, salads etc.)  Any Pasta , except the homemade, can be ordered gluten free (made out of corn flour, buckwheat flour or/and rice flour).
  • Freckles – Nostitzstr. 33, 10965 Berlin – They usually have gluten free cakes available.  Review to follow soon.
  • Due Forni – Schönhause Alle 12, 10119 Berlin – Had a tip that they offer gluten free pasta, although when I have visited and inquired they no clue what gluten is.  This my vary dependent upon the staff so let me know if you have eaten here.
  • Creperie Bretonne – Reichenberger Str. 30, 10999 Berlin – 100% Gluten Free galettes available, these are clearly marked on their menu.
  • Dirty South – Krossener Str. 18, 10245 Berlin – Plenty of Gluten Free food available, although check that they are open before visiting, I have been twice to find them closed when their advertised times say they should be open.
  • Lotus Cafe – They have some gluten free options listed on their menu (gluten free bread with soups, etc).
  • Wienerwald – Lehniner Platz 2, 10709 Berlin and Hermannstr. 106, 12051 Berlin – They have an allergy info flyer detailing what is in their food – Link
  • Vitalia Reformhaus – Schönhauser Allee 78-80, 10439 Berlin – Tip that they have been serving Gluten Free DS Ice Cream cones direct to eat!
  • Viasko – Erkelenzdamm 49, 10999 Berlin – Tip that they usually have at least 1 starter and main dish on their menu, clearly marked as gluten free.
  • Goldhahn und Sampson – Dunckerstraße 9, 10437 Berlin – They are selling Kikkoman Tamari soy sauce, which is far lighter than the Lima brand.

gluten free goldhahn und sampson berlin soy sauce

Tips are always appreciated and very helpful, if you know of anywhere not listed on the site please let me know via email.

December 2011 Updates

  • BioBackHaus look to be offering fresh gluten free bread soon, great as they have stores all over Berlin.
  • Had a tip that Biosphäre Neukölln are now selling freshly baked gluten free goods.
  • Nazuna offers a mostly gluten free menu of Japanese treats, only their cakes have gluten so if you ask in advance you can get bento boxes without.  Photos/Review : foodieinberlin, berlinreified
  • Fria Gluten Free products, had word that they should be available in Germany in the near future, hopefully soon.
  • Goûter in Kruezberg, offers gluten free bread, cakes and quiche.  Although these may not always be available so best to check with them first.
  • The Naschmarkt on December 18th in Markthalle Neun will have quite a few gluten free offerings available, you can see a list here.  It looks like some is just naturally gluten free, but there will be cakes and other goodies too, so go along, purchase as much as possible and let the producers know we want gluten free food!

November 2011 Update

  • mymuesli.com – Now offering gluten free muesli
  • Katies Blue Cat – A new(ish) cafe in kreuzkoln that offers gluten free Peanutbutter Cookies all the time and Carob-Coconut-Bites on the weekend.  They should be offering more gluten free treats soon.
  • Crêperie Bretonne – Offers 100% buckwheat galettes and they are aware of gluten.
  • LPG Biomarkt Senefelderplatz – They’re now selling some fresh gluten free bread (alas, they had none on the day I visited).  The types are ReisRosine, Silberling and Glutniks.

  • Amour Fou – They have this on their board outside:

Schokotrüffel Törtchen ‘without flour’, its not so much of a cake but looks quite good.

September 2011 Update

  • Found a new website that offers a good range of gluten free products, some imported. : http://www.glutyfreeshop.de/
  • My local Vitalia Reformhaus has a new freezer cabinet, stocked with DS gluten frei products.  If you have one nearby and they also have this, please drop me an email.

  • Essen Fassen – Walked by there the other day and checked out their menu (I never understand why restaurants can’t put up a menu on their website, especially when it comes to food allergies), they do have clearly labeled gluten free options.  Click the picture for a larger version, the double xx’s are glutenfrei.

August 2011 Updates

New Products

http://de.fria.se/fria-sortiment.aspx – I read on a gluten-frei.net blog post that the Swedish brand Fria is launching its products in Germany.  Keep an eye out and let me know if you spot them please.


http://glutenfreiheit.org/ – Good German blog with lots of information (plus a list of online shops in Germany, see below).  The English section is a little small though.

http://www.glutenfreehotelsguide.com/city.php?id=18 – A listing of hotels in Berlin which cater for the gluten afflicted.

http://www.gluten-frei.net/ – Good German blog with reviews of products/restaurants/travel etc.

Online Shops

http://www.bofrost.de/Produkte/bofrost-free/cb201/ – Frozen food delivery service which has a considerable selection of gluten free goods, including such delights as chicken nuggets!




http://www.zoeliakie-treff.de/zoeliakie/viewforum.php?f=104 – The main German forum for discussing celiac disease, this is the section on restaurants in the postcode areas beginning with a 1.

http://zoeliakie-forum.ch/YaBB.pl – Swiss forum with discussions on places to eat around Switzerland.

As always, if you have some suggestions/recommendations, please add a comment below or send me an email.

June 2011 Updates

  • It looks like Balzac are no longer selling the gluten free chocolate short bread anymore and have brought nothing in to replace it.  Let me know if you spot some gf goodies in any of the branches.
  • Creperie Manouche – Waitresses are saying that the crepes there are 20% wheat flour.
  • La Mano Verde has moved to a new location near to Savignyplatz, although their website seems to have had a horrific overhaul where they don’t give any information anymore and just focus on pretty pictures. Link
  • Bioeis Berlin – They have plenty of gluten free ice cream and gluten free cones!  Looks like they may sell some gluten free cakes too.  Link
  • Caffe e Gelato – Gluten free ice cream with almond brittle. Link
  • Locanda Pane – Italian restaurant with rice pasta available, although they were a bit hesitant about calling themselves gluten free. Link
  • Tagelich Torten – Online cake order site, they have some gf options. Link
  • Maredo – While it will never be the best food in the world, they do offer a allergy checker on their website so you can see what you can and can’t eat (although I suspect they’ve never heard of cross-contamination). Link
  • Susskramdealer – They sell gf Brownies! Link
  • DZG – This is the online list of glutenfrei sellers from the official german celiac agency. Link

March 2011 Updates

Ahh, so far 2011 has been a glut of non-gluten based happenings getting in the way of my gluten based bloggings, such is life.  So, to appease, here is a few smaller updates :

Gluten Mapping

I keep this updated on a fairly regular basis, but here are some recent larger updates :

  • Maria Bonitas – Anything written on their menu as being Corn is only made from corn flour and no wheat flour.  They do operate a mixed kitchen though so they can’t guarantee that traces haven’t slipped in.  Menu
  • Bio Company Hackescher Markt – I invented a whole new category for this one on the map, a flaming red Avoid.  They seem like a good, modern organic market that would stock gluten free ingredients.  But they don’t.
  • Galeria Kaufhof – They seemed to of removed the freezer section (ie. the only good part of their gluten free selection) with just a couple of items in the normal freezer.  Whether they’ll keep it like this and are just selling off the last of the stock I’m not too sure yet.


The idea behind this new section is to make it a bit easier to see straight off where you should go (more for those of you who are new or just visiting than those living here), without having to trawl through all the reviews on the site.

As ever, any suggestions, recommendations or general gluten-less information, just drop me an email.