Shop Review – Bierlinie

You know how it is when you’re walking down the street as a gluten-less person.  You glance past all those lovely window displays of things you can’t eat, signs proclaiming the delicious food on offer that, should you eat it, would just poison you.  It’s a depressing state of affairs, but, you’re an optimist, so you keep looking, even in the face of overwhelming odds.  Then one day, the sun shines and it pays off.

glutenfrei Bierlinie

It almost didn’t register, I’m so tuned to expect nothing gluten free, but then another sign popped up in front of me.

Bierlinie gluten free beer

A beer shop that actually advertises it’s gluten free beer options!  Amazing.  The fact that they are very near to my apartment and this is the first time I’d heard of them was only slightly disturbing.

gluten free beer Beir

I ventured inside expecting to find the usual Lammsbrau and such.  But look at what I found.

Bierlinie gluten free beer berlin

Not one, but two Mongozo gluten free beers.  Plus at a fairly reasonable price!

I inquired if this was all they had and the nice helpful man behind the counter pointed me to these.

Bierlinie glutenfrei IPA beer

A Pale Ale!  Something different than a Pilsner type beer.  Happiness.

I went back again and within a week they’d already added a new gluten free beer from Norway.

gluten free beer berlin

Plus, if you look carefully you can find some rather good cider.

Bierlinie gluten free cider

I have since spoken to the owner and they are looking to expand their gluten free range but are having a hard time sourcing gluten free beers.  So if you know of any that they do not stock (and secretly wish they would, I’m looking at you Celia Dark) let them know!

In conclusion.  Yes, this is THE best place to go and buy gluten free beer in the city and they’re only going to get better.  Yes, some of the options may be pricey, but they’re also imported beers and you shouldn’t be complaining at getting to drink delicious gluten free beer anyway.  Go now and go often and thank the lovely people there.

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September 2011 Update

  • Found a new website that offers a good range of gluten free products, some imported. :
  • My local Vitalia Reformhaus has a new freezer cabinet, stocked with DS gluten frei products.  If you have one nearby and they also have this, please drop me an email.

  • Essen Fassen – Walked by there the other day and checked out their menu (I never understand why restaurants can’t put up a menu on their website, especially when it comes to food allergies), they do have clearly labeled gluten free options.  Click the picture for a larger version, the double xx’s are glutenfrei.