March 2011 Updates

Ahh, so far 2011 has been a glut of non-gluten based happenings getting in the way of my gluten based bloggings, such is life.  So, to appease, here is a few smaller updates :

Gluten Mapping

I keep this updated on a fairly regular basis, but here are some recent larger updates :

  • Maria Bonitas – Anything written on their menu as being Corn is only made from corn flour and no wheat flour.  They do operate a mixed kitchen though so they can’t guarantee that traces haven’t slipped in.  Menu
  • Bio Company Hackescher Markt – I invented a whole new category for this one on the map, a flaming red Avoid.  They seem like a good, modern organic market that would stock gluten free ingredients.  But they don’t.
  • Galeria Kaufhof – They seemed to of removed the freezer section (ie. the only good part of their gluten free selection) with just a couple of items in the normal freezer.  Whether they’ll keep it like this and are just selling off the last of the stock I’m not too sure yet.


The idea behind this new section is to make it a bit easier to see straight off where you should go (more for those of you who are new or just visiting than those living here), without having to trawl through all the reviews on the site.

As ever, any suggestions, recommendations or general gluten-less information, just drop me an email.


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