November 2011 Update

  • – Now offering gluten free muesli
  • Katies Blue Cat – A new(ish) cafe in kreuzkoln that offers gluten free Peanutbutter Cookies all the time and Carob-Coconut-Bites on the weekend.  They should be offering more gluten free treats soon.
  • Crêperie Bretonne – Offers 100% buckwheat galettes and they are aware of gluten.
  • LPG Biomarkt Senefelderplatz – They’re now selling some fresh gluten free bread (alas, they had none on the day I visited).  The types are ReisRosine, Silberling and Glutniks.

  • Amour Fou – They have this on their board outside:

Schokotrüffel Törtchen ‘without flour’, its not so much of a cake but looks quite good.


One thought on “November 2011 Update

  1. I went to Creperie Bretonne and had a nice evening and delicious galettes – they seemed to know very well what gluten is and how to avoid it.
    Very cute french atmosphere.

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