June 2011 Updates

  • It looks like Balzac are no longer selling the gluten free chocolate short bread anymore and have brought nothing in to replace it.  Let me know if you spot some gf goodies in any of the branches.
  • Creperie Manouche – Waitresses are saying that the crepes there are 20% wheat flour.
  • La Mano Verde has moved to a new location near to Savignyplatz, although their website seems to have had a horrific overhaul where they don’t give any information anymore and just focus on pretty pictures. Link
  • Bioeis Berlin – They have plenty of gluten free ice cream and gluten free cones!  Looks like they may sell some gluten free cakes too.  Link
  • Caffe e Gelato – Gluten free ice cream with almond brittle. Link
  • Locanda Pane – Italian restaurant with rice pasta available, although they were a bit hesitant about calling themselves gluten free. Link
  • Tagelich Torten – Online cake order site, they have some gf options. Link
  • Maredo – While it will never be the best food in the world, they do offer a allergy checker on their website so you can see what you can and can’t eat (although I suspect they’ve never heard of cross-contamination). Link
  • Susskramdealer – They sell gf Brownies! Link
  • DZG – This is the online list of glutenfrei sellers from the official german celiac agency. Link

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