Shop Review – LPG BioMarkt Senefelderplatz

For some reason, there’s just something I don’t quite like about this place.  On the surface it looks like a nice, big, modern organic market with a life size cow outside.  Which, it is.  But there’s a certain off putting vibe inside, something about the layout that doesn’t sit with me quite right.

But, personal feelings aside, its quite a good place to go and buy some glutenfrei goodies.  The bad side is that rather than put all the gluten-less products in one area, they’ve kept them in their original isles.  The gluten free pasta is sat next to the regular poison pasta.  The buckwheat noodles are with the soy sauce and miso soup.  The result being that it takes a lot of looking to make sure that you’ve seen all the gluten free bits and bobs that they offer.  (maybe they think that having a ‘gluten-free section’ is akin to having a segregated supermarket, or maybe they’re just a bit crap)

Enough with the negativity though, they do have a rather nice selection with a few rare items.

Yes, that’s buckwheat pasta in TWO varieties!!  Now, to those of you not living here in Berlin this may seem regular, why al the fuss, but here, its a distinct rarity.  There is also plenty of corn and rice pasta too!

So far, one of the few places where you can get gluten free soy sauce, along with black rice noodles and buckwheat noodles.  Yum.

They also have a pretty good, but fairly regular offering of flours.

In conclusion, dip in, learn where the gluten free goodies are, get them, and run out before you bank balance has a go at you.


*Update November 2011*

They still have the selection of goods above, but they have now a slightly more organised gluten free section :

They are also now offering freshly baked gluten free bread, just to the right when you walk in.


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3 thoughts on “Shop Review – LPG BioMarkt Senefelderplatz

  1. A lot of people have problems with LPG; the biggest problem actually being the prices. They basically offer you a membership promising discounts, but the discounted price is what other shops normally charge. In my opinion the best chain is easily Bio Company, especially the one at Hackescher Markt,, followed by Alnatura (<– has a pretty good Asian food selection) and Viv BioFrisch. I think they all keep the glutenfrei products with the non-glutenfrei so it can take some extra time to shop.

    Somewhat related: little known fact, Viv BioFrischeMarkt on Warschauerstr has 10 percent discounts for students every Thursday on all products. Just puttin' out the word.

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