December 2011 Updates

  • BioBackHaus look to be offering fresh gluten free bread soon, great as they have stores all over Berlin.
  • Had a tip that Biosphäre Neukölln are now selling freshly baked gluten free goods.
  • Nazuna offers a mostly gluten free menu of Japanese treats, only their cakes have gluten so if you ask in advance you can get bento boxes without.  Photos/Review : foodieinberlin, berlinreified
  • Fria Gluten Free products, had word that they should be available in Germany in the near future, hopefully soon.
  • Goûter in Kruezberg, offers gluten free bread, cakes and quiche.  Although these may not always be available so best to check with them first.
  • The Naschmarkt on December 18th in Markthalle Neun will have quite a few gluten free offerings available, you can see a list here.  It looks like some is just naturally gluten free, but there will be cakes and other goodies too, so go along, purchase as much as possible and let the producers know we want gluten free food!

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