Cafe Review – Eis Voh – Take 2

It’s been a little while since my initial review of Eis Voh as it’s a place that I do not make it to often enough, mostly due to the fact it takes an hour for me to get there.  But recently I found myself down in Friedenau and I decided we were in need of a refresh.  (if you haven’t read my first review, you should click here and read it now, or I’ll start chastising you with ‘bad reader!’ ‘bad reader!’ until you do).

The first thing I noticed is that they they have expanded their selection considerably.  Just look at this little display of pure joy.

Gluten Free Eis Voh Cakes

So many different types of gluten free cakes!  Some of which are also lactose free!  All perfectly labeled and delicious.  But it does not stop there.

Glutenfrei Eis Voh Baked Goods

Little cookies and the like.  I had one of the raspberry cookies on the bottom right, it was rather good and did not survive long enough to have it’s picture taken.  They also have little bags of muesli and cornflakes and such for breakfasts.

Gluten Free Eis Voh

They are also serving meals now, Spätzle, Chilli and a few other options which are all listed on the board next to the door.

If you have not yet visited Eis Voh due to it’s location, you need to slap yourself round the head a bit and make the pilgrimage.  It is easily the best gluten free place in Berlin, even if it is mostly desserts, you’ll come back 2kg heavier, but far happier.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Eis Voh – Take 2

  1. glutenfrei AND vegan!!! Oh, they so need to open a 2nd location in the City. I’m going to try and make it down there. If not, next trip…I’m signed up for the pilgrimage!

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