Shop Review – Vitalia Alexanderplatz

You wouldn’t think that, buried in the rather grotty s-bahn station at Alexanderplatz, there would be a little haven for the gluten-less.  But, as Vitalia is a rather awesome shop, they don’t fail to surprise here.  From the outside it looks a little crappy with nothing really to entice you in.  This is if you look throughthe main entrance though, if you happen to be walking by the side of the shop, they’ve installed a little window into a wonderland of gluten-less products.

Now, theres nothing too special here really, nothing that you wouldn’t find in other shops around the city.  The thing that they do here is seemingly have mostly the full range of Schär, Hammer Mühle and a fair amount of the Schnitzer range.

And with it being located in one of the more central parts of the city, its a haven to just nip in on your way past.  Well worth adding to your list.

Click the banner below to see all the details of this shop on our sister site, Allergy Explorer.
Allergy Explorer - Gluten Free food and restaurant listings in Germany

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