Cafe Review – Aunt Benny

gluten free berlin aunt benny

Sandwiches, they are a glorious invention.  Just take two pieces of bread, place tasty things that you like inbetween them, squish together, then consume.  What more could you want from life?  So, with my (English) love of eating sandwiches, living a gluten afflicted life in Berlin is a little depressing.  Up until now, nowhere has offered a gluten free version of anything I would consider a sandwich.  Then, I received a tip, there was a cafe in eastern Friedrichshain offering not just sandwiches, but desserts also!  I dropped everything and ran over there as quickly as I could.

glutenfrei aunt benny berlin menu

I arrived and upon first glance the menu only offered glutenfrei soup, which is good, but not the sandwich delight I’d ran for.  Then, after a little investigation of a nearby cabinet, I found a little sign attached to some decidedly gluten looking sandwiches.

glutenfrei sandwiches aunt benny berlin

Gluten Free is available!  Plus, not just sandwiches, but GRILLED sandwiches!  I decided on a grilled hamster as I am quite delighted with it’s macabre name.  A short while later, this popped onto my table.

gluten free sandwich aunt benny berlin

Yum (there was no time for further thoughts at this point in my visit, I first had to consume half of the sandwich).

glutenfrei belegtes brot aunt benny berlin

Look at that, layers of tasty goodness inbetween gluten free bread, I was rather happy.

glutenfrei aunt benny berlin coffee

I also purchased a coffee, which turned out to be equally good.  The combination of good food that I can eat and good coffee does not happen as frequently as one would like.

After finishing both, I was satisfied and happily sat reveling in my good fortune.  Then I remembered something else I had seen in the cabinet.

gluten free apple crisp aunt benny berlin

Get that, a glutenfrei sandwich AND I could have dessert.  I quickly ran over to the counter to order and was presented with quite a dilemma.

gluten free brownies aunt benny berlin

They have gluten free brownies also!  It was at this point that my mind popped with the overwhelming number of gluten free options that they have (granted, it’s only 4, but even this is a rarity for Berlin).  After some inner turmoil I decided on an Apple Crisp and I was not disappointed (it’s made from the owners mums recipe).  Unfortunately I ate it quicker than I could photograph it, so you’ll have to buy one yourself for a better view.

The place itself is quite cosy and has the air of New York about it.  There are plenty of tables, although I would get there as early as possible, it tends to get quite busy on a weekend.

glutenfrei berlin aunt benny inside

In conclusion, this may be my favourite gluten free place in Berlin.  Go, now, eat as much as is humanly possible and then thank every member of staff excessively for offering us such a great variety of options.

Click the banner below to see all the details of this cafe on our sister site, Allergy Explorer.

Allergy Explorer - Gluten Free food and restaurant listings in Germany


5 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Aunt Benny

  1. Sorry, I hope I didn’t post this message twice…thanks for the tip about Aunt Benny, as I went there for my birthday yesterday and had a far better time eating the x-mas sandwich, apple crisp and amazing chocolate gooey cookie, than sticking candles into a dry cake…your blog is so great, my son and I are both gluten intolerant and are excited to find places we can hunt down in Berlin and enjoy dessert/puddings like everyone else.

  2. This place is divine. Sandwiches more than satisfy and the apple crisp- wowzah! I’ve been many times in the last 4 weeks and plan at least one more visit before I fly home.

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