Cafe Review – Cafe Vux – Take 2

gluten free cafe vux

Some time ago (3 years) I reviewed the original Cafe Vux on Richardstraße.  Back in those days I was just simply amazed that there was a cafe in Berlin which stocked gluten free cakes on a permanent basis!  Thankfully the gluten free life in Berlin is not so grim anymore.  Due to this though, there have been far more local gluten free cafes to visit and I had not made it down to the new Cafe Vux location (or even known about it for some time).  I remedied this not so long ago (well, a few months ago, but who’s counting).  First impressions, the new location on Wipperstraße is not quite as nice as the previous one.

glutenfrei cafe vux

I mean, it’s not terrible but the last place had a more homely, smaller quaint charm to it.  The new place does not feel too different to any other cafe in Berlin.  Which is not fault of theirs really, they just had set a higher bar in their last location.

gluten free cafe vux inside

The other downside is that they do not mark which of their cakes are gluten free and which are not.  They’re all just mixed in the display case and you have to rely on the member of staff knowing which is which.  A very bad practice in my experience unless you are very good at training all of your staff to the same level (most places are not).  Again, this was ok a few years ago when glutenfrei was a rarity, these days, it’s a little careless.

glutenfrei cheese cake cafe vux

I plumped for this lime and coconut cheesecake, as a combination it sounded rather good.

gluten free cheese cake cafe vux

A couple of minutes later and I had this.  Turns out I was correct and it was pretty damn good, nice and rich and tasty.  The base was a little thin and soggy, but it is gluten free, so what can you do.

In conclusion, if you live nearby or are passing, I’d pop in for a visit.  But with the vast wealth of other gluten free cafe’s in Berlin these days and the lack of labelling, there’s nothing here special enough to recommended it as a must.

glutenfrei cafe vux inside

Cafe Vux
Wipperstraße 14
12055 Berlin

Product Review – Schär Meisterbäckers Vital Frischbrot

I used to spend a lot of time on this blog complaining about the terrible state of gluten free bread here in Germany.  To be fair, when I started back in 2010, the glutenfrei bread here was pretty abysmal.  Tasteless bricks of compressed sand for the most part.  Fortunately for us, all those German manufacturers were not sitting around resting on their laurels, they were busy tinkering and experimenting, gradually providing us with better and better bread.  The latest I’ve tested is the Schär Meisterbäckers Vital Frischbrot, a bit of a mouthful to type so, if I refer to it again, I’ll call it Vital Brot.

schaer vital gluten free bread

The packaging is much the same as all of the other Schär fresh breads, a giant balloon holding a soft squishy loaf.

schaer vital glutenfrei brot

Inside you get the usual plastic tray containing the gluten free goodies.  The vital brot (yay, i referred to it by name again) is pretty good by my standards.  There’s a good flavour to it, nothing too strong, just about right.  The texture is great too, not too crumbly and the little seeds add some bite.

In conclusion, I’d recommend it, I think it’s my favourite of the frischbrot from Schär.

The Berlin Gluten Free Dining Club

It can be a lonely existence living gluten free. Your friends look at you like you’re being a fussy eater and shun you from dinner dates, partners huff in exasperation at having to travel 40 minutes to eat in a particular gluten free place and restaurant staff look at you like you’re a raving maniac when you ask if food has gluten or any kind of flour in it.  Add to this living in a country where most people have not even heard of Gluten, plus a country where you may not even speak the same language and you’ll be limited to talking to the wall about the difficulties of gluten free eating (or, in those more positive moments, bragging about how ‘almost like real cake’ that slice you just ate was).

Fortunately for us, a nice friendly Gluten Free American living here in Berlin has started a meetup group!  Happy days!  The idea is to visit the gluten free friendly places in Berlin, dine, chat, make friends and generally revel in the joyful feeling that everybody there understands your pain.  The first meetup is at the end of February at Cielo di Berlino.  There are limited places so sign up quickly!

Berlin Gluten Free Dining Meetup Group

Cielo di Berlino Meetup Event

Product Review – Gluten Free from

glutenfrei mymeusli

One of the joys of running this blog is that I am occasionally invited to product launches and events, there’s something about free food that just makes it taste better.  Recently invited me to partake in an open day at their offices to sample their gluten free muesli options, great!  After some introductions and other niceties I noticed a rather large selection of tubes, all containing muesli goodness.  I was definitely being optimistic and hoping that they would be mostly gluten free.


Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Not really their fault, but mine.  I always rate the importance of a company providing Gluten Free products in line with the importance I place upon eating said Gluten Free products.  If only the world agreed.  They do, however, have a couple of tubes of glutenfrei goodness, helpfully coloured in such a way that they stand out from the rest of the line.


The two options are berries and chocolate, the two best additions to any breakfast in my opinion.  The muesli itself is rather good, much better than the dusty offerings from Verival, Herz or Hammermühle.  It is less prone to crumbling and has a little more flavour to it.


All in all, I’d recommend buying some.

Unfortunately mymuesli were not able to provide a list of places you could buy the Gluten Free tubes and so far I have only seen them for sale in my local Rewe.  So, I’d keep an eye out for them, but it may be best to order online.

Website - They can be a little hard to find on the site, but there is a link at the very bottom of the page.

October 2013 Update

Had a few tips on new Gluten Free places that have opened up or changed here in Berlin :

  • Herr Nilson Godis – They have a new shop in Prenzlauer Berg serving their gluten free Swedish pick and pix.  If you haven’t visited yet, you should definitely go, Stargarder Straße 58, 10437 Berlin.
  • Chüechliwirtschaft – Had a tip that they offer gluten free cakes, their website mentions that they have Gluten and Lactose free fruit tarts.
  • Dai Ragazzi - They offer Gluten and Lactose free pasta dishes along with Gluten Free almond cookies and other desserts.
  • Juki – They have Gluten Free soy sauce and are able to accommodate Gluten Free diners.
  • Princess Cheesecake – Gluten Free cake is usually available, made with fresh oranges and an almond meringue base.
  • District Mot – Had a tip that they can serve gluten free food and have gluten free cake.  Although I’ve been unable to verify this with them and there is no mention of them offering anything gluten free on their menu/website.
  • Wo der Bär den Honig holt – Gluten Free carrot cake.
  • Nigi Berlin – Gluten and Lactose Free Onigiri, available at multiple locations around Berlin.
  • Sfizy Veg – Had a tip that they offer Gluten Free pasta and that you can pre-order Gluten Free pizza.  Although I’ve been unable to verify this with them and there is no mention of them offering anything gluten free on their menu/website.
  • Victoria – They have gluten free cakes available, chocolate, almond and orange hazelnut caramel.
  • Waterlily – They can make some of their dishes gluten free.  The dishes available is not listed on their menu.

Restaurant Review – Creperie Bretonne

Gluten Free Creperie Bretonne

As much as I love eating gluten free cakes and sweet treats here in Berlin, it is nice to be able to go out and have a proper sit down meal now and again.  Normally, doing this involves a pizza or such, but one evening I was in the mood for something a teeny bit different so I plumped for a french Gallette at Creperie Bretonne.

glutenfrei Creperie Bretonne Menu

The first thing that struck me is the general French-ness of the place.  But seeing as it is a French place this a welcome feature.

Gluten Free Creperie Bretonne Menu

Perusing the menu it is nice to see that they have quite a wide selection of choices for those of us gluten afflicted.  I plumped for a Juliette, cheese, ham and pear with walnuts.  My favourite combination, meat, cheese and fruit.

Whilst waiting for my delicious sounding dish to arrive, I noticed this a little further into the menu.

glutenfrei Creperie Bretonne Menu

Cider!  The gloriously gluten free drink that is not beer, but definitely close enough.

The only downside was that it arrived in the smallest serving I have ever seen for an alcoholic beverage, a teacup.

Gluten Free Galette Creperie Bretonne

Thankfully though, the Galette was rather good indeed (it was much bigger than it actually looks in this picture, damn perspective).

All in all I was quite pleased with Creperie Bretonne, nothing too amazing, special or exciting, just a good place to go and enjoy a little food.  Which is definitely not a bad thing, how I wish there were more of them out there.

Creperie Bretonne
Reichenberger Straße 30
10999 Berlin

Cafe Review – Eis Voh – Take 2

It’s been a little while since my initial review of Eis Voh as it’s a place that I do not make it to often enough, mostly due to the fact it takes an hour for me to get there.  But recently I found myself down in Friedenau and I decided we were in need of a refresh.  (if you haven’t read my first review, you should click here and read it now, or I’ll start chastising you with ‘bad reader!’ ‘bad reader!’ until you do).

The first thing I noticed is that they they have expanded their selection considerably.  Just look at this little display of pure joy.

Gluten Free Eis Voh Cakes

So many different types of gluten free cakes!  Some of which are also lactose free!  All perfectly labeled and delicious.  But it does not stop there.

Glutenfrei Eis Voh Baked Goods

Little cookies and the like.  I had one of the raspberry cookies on the bottom right, it was rather good and did not survive long enough to have it’s picture taken.  They also have little bags of muesli and cornflakes and such for breakfasts.

Gluten Free Eis Voh

They are also serving meals now, Spätzle, Chilli and a few other options which are all listed on the board next to the door.

If you have not yet visited Eis Voh due to it’s location, you need to slap yourself round the head a bit and make the pilgrimage.  It is easily the best gluten free place in Berlin, even if it is mostly desserts, you’ll come back 2kg heavier, but far happier.

Eis Voh
Bundesallee 118
12161 Berlin