Oak and Ice

oak and ice berlin gluten free

It seems that 2016 shall be known as the year of the good gluten free ice cream, although this may be mostly due to me personally eating a lot more of it this summer.  But there are a few new standouts and Oak and Ice on Schönhauser Allee is definitely one of them with a much higher quality of ice cream than usual.

First off, the place is gorgeous and around 5000 times better that other ice cream places in terms of seating and comfort.

oak and ice gluten free ice cream berlin

I’d actually go far as to say it’s more of a cafe than an ice cream parlour.

They have a pretty great selection of ice creams, although at the moment they’ve stopped labelling which are gluten free.  I’m not sure why they’ve done this, but they do say that their sorbets are all gluten free but only after asking will you be told that the other ice creams are all gluten free apart from one (the oreo cookie one on my visits).  This is a little worrying as you’re completely relying on the staff behind the counter to really know what they’re doing and as we’ve mentioned before, most people do not.  Add to this that almost every time I have been, I’ve asked if the ice cream is gluten free, ordered and then been offered the ice cream in a cone.  Suffice to say a little labelling and staff training would go a long long way here.

To be honest though, I wouldn’t be giving them a hard time if they were not offering things like this.

glutenfrei eis berlin oak and ice

Yes, the signs are somewhat hard to read, but that’s a gluten free ice cream sandwich written right there.  So, on my first visit, I ordered one, because what else would you do?

gluten free ice cream sandwich berlin oak and ice

Honestly, it wasn’t that great.  The cookies are from Jute Backerei next door and they’re good as British style biscuits but not really the american chewy cookie that you need for an ice cream sandwich.  They’re just very very dense.

But, on the bright side, the Marscapone and Fig ice cream within was absolutely amazing.

gluten free ice cream in bowl oak and ice berlin

Not to mention the salted caramel varieties (they are ridiculously good).  Even their plain ol’ regular boring just vanilla is out of this world.

They do have a cake selection too, but I’ve only seen one or two gluten free options there.

oak and ice gluten free cakes berlin

All of the cake options I’ve seen are from Jute Backerei also.

In conclusion, definitely go and visit, their ice cream is simply the best I’ve had in the entire city.  But be careful, double check and ask them to cater more to gluten free people.

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Gelateria Mos Eisley

Mos Eisley gluten free ice cream berlin

Ice Cream is one of those things that confuses many my non-gluten free friends.  They often react with complete bemusement that such a creamy tasty thing could have wheat in it.  Which, to be fair, is a pretty good reaction, why on earth should it?  So, here in Berlin you run in to the usual Berlin problem.  There are plenty of places with ice cream here but the majority of the time you have to rely on the staff if knowing if there is any gluten within.  This often results in a response of ‘of course not!’ and then you have to judge yourself whether the staff actually knows what they’re taking about or whether they’re like most people and simply don’t understand.

Fortunately there are a few places that actually put little gluten free symbols on their labels, removing the need to try to and be a psychic.  Today we’re talking about Gelateria Mos Eisley, a little place in Schillerkeiz, Neukolln.  First, I’d like to point out the sheer genius in their name.  I think I have visited more times than usual just because of it.  If you need me to explain it, then the joy of it will likely be lost on you.

The place itself is quiet small but they do have a few seats inside and out, otherwise it’s a pretty standard ice cream place.

Mos Eisley glutenfrei eis berlin

Their selection is usually pretty great and I have yet to be disappointed.  But the main joy is this little collection of symbols.

gluten free ice cream mos eisley berlin

It just makes life much much easier.  Although, as with all ice cream places here, they tend to not think twice about using the same scoop for all ice creams, so there is a pretty good chance of cross contamination.

In conclusion, their ice cream is pretty great and well worth the visit.  Plus you can go for a little walk to the amazing Tempelhof Park after your purchase.

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Cafe Review – Eis Voh

One of the benefits to doing this blog is that people message me all the time suggesting new places to try, places that I would of never found otherwise.  So after a tip, I trundeled off to Friedenau with the idea of getting myself a little ice cream in a gluten free cone.  And this is exactly what I did.  I arrived to this.

There isn’t much better than going into a place and seeing glutenfrei things prominently displayed.  But, then, after looking at the rest of the shop, I realised I had had a brain fart.  I had come in search of ice cream, but discovered/remembered that they also do cakes!

Thats right, a lot of cakes and ALL of them gluten free!  So, here comes my dilema.  I came for gluten free ice cream.  I want to eat gluten free ice cream in a gluten free ice cream cone.  But they have cakes.  I like cake.  I want to eat cake.  Why can’t I eat cake!?

So rather than continuing to stamp my feet like a 5 year old, I came up with a devilish plan.  I’d eat some ice cream, go for a walk to ‘digest’ said ice cream, and then just have to come back and review the cake too.  I owe it to my readers you see!

I walked up to the counter and inquired which of their ice creams were gluten-less, “all of them” came the reply, happiness indeed.

Thankfully, the ice cream was rather delicious too, I had been prepared just for the delights of a gluten free cone with some ordinary ice cream, this was not the case.

A short ‘walk’ later, I came back and purchased this.

And fortunately I was capable of twisting the arm of my cafe partner into getting a slice also.  (well, I do have to sample such things for the review)

Both were rather good, especially the strawberry cake, lovely soft and moist.  Yum indeed.

The friendly staff informed that they never intended to be a mecca for all things gluten-less, it just happens that people started coming into their cafe and asking them if they made gluten free cakes.  They started making them and then word got around and now that’s pretty much all they do.  Perhaps this is a good idea for all of us, to start going into cafes and start asking them to make cakes and sandwiches for us, nay, demand it!

And in answer to your question, yes, you should definitely go and eat both ice cream and cake.

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