Restaurant Review – Black Cat Burgers

Gluten Free Burgers Black Cat Berlin

It’s a tough life living with an aversion to all things gluten.  Especially when the city you live in goes through a burger renaissance, with burger joints popping into existence all over the city, with a myriad of blog posts reviewing which of all these burger options is the absolutely bestist one ever!  All the while, with me crying into my limp Schaer bread and equally limp home made beef patty.  Fortunately though.  One of these new burger joints, Black Cat, actually took it upon themselves to provide us with a Gluten Free Burger!  Rejoyce!

Glutenfrei Burgers Black Cat Berlin

Now, it’s worth pointing out here that they did have a couple of stumbles at first.  I don’t think they initially realised what they were getting into and just what was required to provide a true gluten free burger (as opposed to just serving people who’d prefer gluten free bread over regular bread).  On my first visit, I was told that their soy sauce infused mayonnaise contained no gluten.  Only after suggesting they go and read the soy sauce bottle did they realise such things contained gluten.  Plus, I did suffer quite a bad reaction to that first burger.

But, after speaking to the owner and helping them out with a few pointers, they really picked things up.  They introduced a new policy in the kitchen to make sure cross contamination was as limited as possible and they now use gluten free soy sauce.  All of their staff seem well trained and the many times I’ve been back since, I have never suffered a reaction.  They do explicitly point out that they cannot guarantee completely 100% gluten free, but they are as careful as you can get in a kitchen which also prepares poisonous gluten based food in close proximity.

The place itself is rather nice, with plenty of space and a good large table in the back, perfect for parties.

Gluten Free Burgers Black Cat Berlin Inside

After the number of gluten free restaurants here that have about 10 seats, it’s a rather welcome change.

But, I can hear you screaming, what about the food!!  Well, first, have a look at the menu.

Black Cat gluten free menu

Look at that, a big ol’ Gluten Free section just for us.  On the back they have a few drinks that we can drink.  I plumped for a ‘Magnus’ cider, a typo on the menu I believe as this turned up.


Ok, enough of this waffle.  I know what you came here to see.

Gluten Free Burgers Black Cat Berlin Burger

Look at it! An actual gluten free burger!  I’ve been back a few times now and they’ve been using a variety of buns.  After the one you see above they had buns from the local gluten free bakery, Jüte, for a short time.  Now it looks like they’ve moved to using Schär buns.

Gluten Free Burger Berlin Schaer

The buns don’t make a huge amount of difference really.  The fact that it’s a burger is pretty damn good on it’s own.  Now, I’m going to be honest, it’s probably not the most amazing burger in the world (I’ve had far better in New York), but it is good (especially the Sweet Cat) and well worth the trip.

Gluten Free Burgers Black Cat Berlin Fries

Plus, their fries are rather delicious and made from actual potatoes (yes, the fries situation is so bad here in Berlin that it’s actually worth me pointing that out).

Gluten Free Burgers Black Cat Berlin Outside

In conclusion, should you visit?  Yes, it’s a proper burger and fries joint in Berlin that serves gluten free food, do it!

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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Black Cat Burgers

  1. OMG yes – there are SO MANY burger places springing up in this city – it’s crazy! Will have to check this one out as I do love a Magner’s Cidre as well 😉

  2. So the fries are glutenfree too? I assume so, since it doesn’t look like they have anything glutenous that would be fried in the same oil 🙂

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