Help Support Maria Maria Arepas and Geremia Tiramisù

If there’s one thing that I love about writing this blog, it’s having the ability to actually help improve our gluten free lives here in Berlin.  I especially like it when I can help new ventures and people just starting out to try and make gluten free food, or just simply do something new with gluten free food.


First off there’s Maria Maria Arepas.  For those that do not know, they run a stand at the Thursday Night Streetfood Market at Markthalle Neun and at Neu Heimat food events.  I wasn’t aware that they are completely gluten free, but they are definitely 100% gluten free now and are happily shouting about it (it’s written all over their website).  Basically, if you’ve been living in fear of all these new food markets and have been unable to go, don’t despair, Maria Maria will probably be there meaning you can join your friends and actually eat something!

What they are now doing is raising funds to operate an actual food truck!  How amazing will that be.  The goal is that they’ll be able to attend even more events and have a better presence at those events.  Plus, if you help them, you get perks, like clothes, hats and delicious food!  They’re indigogo is available here.  Go give them some money!


The second is Geremia Tiramisu is a little bit of a smaller venture than Maria Maria, but they’re really dedicating to the gluten free cause.  Providing the entire Tiramisu experience with homemade gluten free biscuits.  I haven’t had chance to try one myself yet, but they do look rather amazing.  Fabio and Riki are working hard to produce authentic and allergy friendly foods, they are working on a new mascarpone with lactose free options!  Happiness.

They’ve finished their initial test run at Haferkater today, so unfortunately you cannot go and buy some immediately.  But they are working on making an appearance at the food markets and other cafes.  So be sure to like them on their facebook page, send a message let them know you appreciate their efforts ask them to make more!


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