The Allergy and Free From Show in Berlin

the allergy and free from show berlin messe

Update 17 June – If you’re in London (or would like to take a trip there), as a thank you for this blog post, you can all get yourself some free tickets by clicking here!!  Yes, you should definitely go.

Around two and a half years ago, a slightly more naive glutenfrei Berlin blogger went to the Gruene Woche exhibition at the messe (click here to see that post).  During those days there was very little quality gluten free food on offer here in Berlin and I had hoped that the halls would be full of international gluten free food producers showing off their wares and organising distribution in the German market.  Alas, I was very disappointed and went back home to sulk and look longingly at pictures of Genius gluten free bread on the internet.

But, it is now 2014 and the German gluten free food producers have stepped up their game.  The likes of Schär and Schnitzer are really producing some great options, a world away from the ‘compressed sand in brick form’ bread I was buying here back in 2008.  Still, things could be better and, thankfully, it looks like they may be improving as in January next year we’re going to have our very own Allergy trade show here in Berlin!  Yes, think of it, a giant hall filled up with food to purchase that you CAN EAT!!!  Hopefully lots of international producers will be there showing off their products along side all the German producers we love (and possibly some of them we dislike too).

The show has been running for a few years in London, you can see an overview of their 2013 show here, and it looks to be very successful.  There are over 200 exhibitors there this year along with cooking classes, talks and events for kids.  Here’s hoping we can get the same treatment.

You can buy day and weekend tickets on their site, although they will only be available to purchase in the autumn, these also include access to the Vdelicious show and the International Green Week itself!

I literally cannot wait.  My only concern is how empty my bank account will be and how giant my belly will become.

Allergy and Free From Show Berlin Website

2 thoughts on “The Allergy and Free From Show in Berlin

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your recommendations! Off to Berlin soon and found your info very helpful.

    Will be bringing some Genius Bread with me (my fav)!

    Just one question, I love sausages and I love curry, is it possible that the sausages at Curry 36 and in general are gluten free?

    1. Hi, I’m not sure about Curry 36. There’s only one place in Berlin that mentions specifically that they are gluten free :

      But I’ve never visited them. The best currywurst I have ever had was from Zander at the Kollwitzplatz Market on Saturdays :

      Although it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there and I don’t know if they’re still gluten free.

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