Cafe Review – Glory Whole

gluten free cake berlin glory whole


As of May 2015 Glory Whole has closed its doors 😦

I am a big fan of an establishment with a slightly silly name, maybe it’s just my inner child but I just find it a bit more comforting than your regular trope.  The basis for this, I believe, is that if I was to open a cafe myself, I would give it a silly name, so these are people like me.  So, one day, I found myself walking down Oderburger Strasse and chuckled when I saw the name Glory Whole, so I immediately walked in.  I did my usual “scan through the cake display in the vain hope that something will say gluten free and then accepting the fact that life is not so grand” routine, when, bugger me, if a gluten free cake was just there in front of my eyes.

Glutenfrei glory whole

I asked the staff, in slight disbelief, if it was in fact completely gluten free, and they said yes!  Well, that was a turn up.  But, before we get down in the gluten free goodness of that cake.  A little about the place itself.


Look at it, it’s a lovely little basement type place, all cosy and warm.  Perhaps better for a chilly day inside, but in the summer time there’s the expansive Oderburger Strasse to sit on.

gluten free glory whole berlin

There are no gluten free beers, or anything much else gluten free for that matter.  One surprise per place is enough I think though.  Still, it is definitely a good place to retreat to if there is any rain or such nonsense outside.

glutenfrei cake glory whole

Now, the cake itself.

gluten free carrot cake berlin glory whole

Look at it.  All moist, crumbly and tasty.  The texture is nice and unique and the flavour is great.

In conclusion, should you try out the glory whole?  Yes, I would highly recommend that you do, you’ll enjoy the tasty delights it contains.

glory whole berlin glutenfrei mohn haselnuss

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Glory Whole

  1. Unfortunately, it seems like the owner himself doesn’t like to be known as a gluten-free place at all. When I ordered the cake above and mentioned how I came across the cafe from this blog he looked at me rather annoyed and said how he doesn’t do gluten-free on purpose and has no intention to expand his menu in that direction or would never label his cafe in that way. Very weird, the cake was lovely indeed but an attitude like that doesn’t really make me want to come back

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