Product Review – New Schnitzer Breads

I often lament the state of gluten free bread here in Germany, but, if you ignore the bricks made of rice whose recipes haven’t changed in 10 years, it is possible to actually find something decent these days.  Thankfully, due to this blog, a little while ago I didn’t even have to go and search for some.  I just received a package in the mail from Schnitzer one day and much to my delight it was filled with their new range of breads!  As ever, at first I was skeptical, another bread, why, it’ll be the same as all the others!   But my negativity did not last long and I soon broke into the Bio Focaccia.

Schnitzer gluten free focaccia

They come in a pack of 4, separated into pairs in their own container, I assume to help with not stuffing your face like a maniac 4 at a time.  10 minutes and 200 degrees later, I had these on my plate.

Schnitzer glutenfrei focaccia

Granted, they are not much to look at, and to be honest they were a little on the thin side.  But they tasted pretty good, even if a little chewy.  In a pinch I’d buy them, but if I had the option I’d plump for the Schaer alternative, they’re a bit more bread like.

Next up were a range of three types of baguettes.  For starters, I went with the classic.

Schnitzer Gluten Free Bio klassisches Baguette

They come in their own little cardboard container with the two baguettes wrapped individually, a thoroughly sensible decision.  After a little baking (which is a must with any of the commercial gluten free offerings) I had this little twist of food.

Schnitzer Glutenfrei Bio klassisches Baguette

Inside it was pretty soft, not chewy, not dry and it also had a pretty good taste to it.  Happy, it is good bread, but I was not amazed.

Next up came the rustic baguette.

Schnitzer Gluten Free Bio rustikales Baguette

Rustic is what is says and rustic is kind of what you get (I’ve never been too clear on what exactly rustic is, and never cared enough to actually find out).

Schnitzer Glutenfrei Bio rustikales Baguette

This one was a definite improvement on the already passable classic baguette.  It had a much better texture and taste to it, whilst keeping and nice soft moist interior.

Finally I came to the pinnacle, the Grainy baguette.

Schnitzer Gluten Free Bio Korniges Baguette

It certainly sounds better, but then I’ve always had a thing for grainy bread.

Schnitzer Glutenfrei Bio Korniges Baguette

Happily it was rather sublime, maintaining the soft interior, complete lack of a sandcastle like texture and a superior taste.  I was hard pressed to tell the difference between it and the memory of ‘real’ bread I contain in my head.

In conclusion, go and buy the grainy baguette now, if not find the rustic and be content that they’re pretty damn close to the real thing.

Available in most places that sell the Schnitzer range.


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