Cafe Review – Nothaft Seidel

Gluten Free Nothaft Seidel

I love cafes that serve gluten free food, really really love them, this much should not be a shock to you.  But, there are times when I’m a little annoyed at a gluten free serving cafe, even if said cafe has done nothing to irritate me and it is my own brain which has caused the problem.  Nothaft Seidel is one such cafe, a little place right next to Eberswalder Str U-Bahn, which I have walked past many many times, occasionally marveling at the lovely sounding cakes and breads that they offer, all the time thinking that I could not eat there.  Then, months after it opened, a friend pops by and exclaims that the very cafe I have been paying little attention to infact stocks gluten free cake!!  The emotional turmoil that entered my soul upon hearing this was a little much, happiness combined with the frustration that I could have been stuffing my face with gluten free goodness all along.  (well, to be fair, I did check it when it opened and they had nothing, but I’m liking the tortured soul angle here)

After the revelation, I dropped everything and ran straight over to the cafe.  At first I was greeted with this.

Gluten Free Nothaft Seidel Selection

I entered my usual ‘scan all the little bits of card for a GF or glutenfrei’ mode.  Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, where o where was the gluten free!!  They were all full of poisonous gluten!!  Had I been tricked?  Then I spied the little glass case at the back of the picture.

Gluten Free Nothaft Seidel Cherry Cake

Joy!!  They’d even highlighted the card to make it easier for folks like me to find, how could I have missed it!  I quickly ordered and then stood awaiting my slice, almost patiently.

Gluten Free Nothaft Seidel Inside

It took far too long (a matter of 30 or 40 seconds) and without pause I was sat outside in the sunshine with this little beauty infront of me.

glutenfrei Nothaft Seidel Cherry Cake

Yum!  It was rather good indeed, quite nutty and fruity.  It did not survive for long.

Afterwards I had a little word with the baker of this cakey delight and she informed me that they were considering doing more gluten free things!  Excellent!

glutenfrei Nothaft Seidel

In conclusion, go there now, find the lovely baker and plead with her to add more gluten free goodies to their menu, I know I will be.

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One thought on “Cafe Review – Nothaft Seidel

  1. We should go in there and ask more often for glutenfree stuff. I’ve only ever seen that cake there, which is good, but a tiny bit more variety would be the ticket. Especially since they have food coffee and I like to stop by there.

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