Cafe Review – Freckles

glutenfrei berlin freckles

Four years ago, when I moved to Berlin with my gluten aversion, I had quite a hard time when it came to my food based experiences.  Especially when traversing the city with my friends of an afternoon, sitting down in one of the many cafe’s the city has and then having to watch them eat delicious looking gluten filled cakes, feeling punished by life.  Fortunately though, the last few years have seen a vast improvement in the availability of gluten free food here and in cafes especially.  It is even getting to the point now where every corner of the city has a cafe with gluten free cakes to go to, which, to be honest is both a blessing and seriously bad news for my waist line.

So, in steps Freckles, a small and old-timey warm feeling kind of place in western Kruezberg, with a rather good selection of supported allergies written on their board.

glutenfrei berlin freckles - allergy board

I do so love a geometric based logo warning system.  The only downside is that they are more focused upon Vegan food than Gluten Free food, meaning that they may not always have a cake but they should have something sweet and nice available to eat.  On the day I visited though, they had some rather good looking chocolate cake.

gluten free berlin freckles - cake

Yes, it was as rich and good as it looks.  I have since returned and have been met without a cake option, although on that occasion they had a cherry and marzipan dessert which was equally as delicious.

glutenfrei berlin freckles - lamp

Each of the tables in the back has one of these old style lanterns and there is a giant window in the corner, giving a nice “thankfully we’re inside in this warmth and not out there” in the winter months.

glutenfrei berlin freckles - window

As mentioned, the place is a little on the small side with around 5 tables, so I’d suggest getting there a little earlier to grab a seat inside.

gluten free berlin freckles - table

In conclusion, I’d definitely recommend a visit, even if it is a little out of your way and may be a gamble as to what you’ll be able to eat.

gluten free freckles - front

Click the banner below to see all the details of this cafe on our sister site, Allergy Explorer.
Allergy Explorer - Gluten Free food and restaurant listings in Germany

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