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glutenfrei vego foodworld belin

There are a few gluten free places in Berlin that I have had on my “To Visit” list for some time, with Vego Foodworld in Prenzlauer Berg being on there for longer than most.  The reason behind this is a slight mystery to me as it is not far from where I live, serves fries and gluten free burgers for an average price.  I’d be odd not to visit right?  So, after some inner soul searching, the only thought that comes to mind is that the place offers a combination of Vegan and Gluten Free.  Now, this is something which happens fairly often in the world (although I’m still not sure why) and, unfortunately, it conjures a rather bland image in my head.  With so much missing from a glutenfrei diet, taking more options away to make it Vegan can only be a bad thing right?

glutenfrei berlin vego foodworld

So, a few weeks ago, back in the days of darkest winter and thanks mostly to a vegetarian friend (finding places we can both eat in is quite limiting) I ended up in Vego Foodworld one afternoon.  I arrived, took a brief look through their menu and became a little un-nerved, I’m not a fan of a restaurant which offers gluten free food but does not clearly mark said gluten free items on its menu.

glutenfrei vegan burger menu berlin

But, thanks to a very helpful staff member, I was soon informed that they have a few different options from the burger list, all served on a gluten free bun.  Happiness indeed.  I hesitated for a moment at the glory of having options and then plumped for a Sumatra burger.

gluten free vegan burger berlin

Yes, you are correct, it does look delicious.  Now, it was at this point that I decided to confront my earlier referenced “you’re taking too much away and there’ll be nothing left but bland” beliefs.  They were dumb, ill founded and a bit silly in hindsight.  Especially after I tasted the burger, blandness and lacking did not enter into my mind, tasty and happiness did.

It is also worth pointing out that the fries were made from actual real, out of the earth, potatoes.  If you do not live in Berlin, this may seem like an odd statement to make, are not all fries made from potatoes?  If you do live here though, you’ll know that the vast majority of places only offer the “frozen reformed potato product” variety of fries, it is something of a nightmare, but thankfully not in Vego, here you can enjoy your crispy tasty fries rather than let out whimpers of despair with each bite.

gluten free vegan berlin

The place itself is a little lacking in character and very functional in appearance, but it doesn’t distract from the food and there are a few nice touches around.

gluten free vego foodworld inside

In conclusion, if you were like me and associate Vegan Gluten Free food with blandness and have had no desire to visit, then stand up, slap yourself in the face, walk right up to a mirror and wag a finger at yourself with a disapproving look.  You’re being silly, go and visit Vego Foodworld now and stuff yourself with burgers.  You know you want to.

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9 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Vego Foodworld

  1. Did you ask about gluten free or is everything there gluten free? I couldn’t find something about it on their website…
    But it seems fantastic! Thanks for it 😉


  2. I checked the website it doesn state Glutenfree at all. Even if the bread is fine, how does one trust the burger itself?

  3. Might be fine in the afternoon, but my experience (4 times or so over about the same number of years) is that the chips, for example, will be burnt/overdone/dripping in old, dirty oil, if you get there in the evening/at night. I may visit again though earlier in the day.

  4. Vego does have some great fries. Warning though, I’ve more than once found that they had just run out of gluten free buns, so from now on I’m calling beforehand just in case.

  5. When we were there, they only had one glutenfree dish, which was the “Gyrospfanne”. Otherwise nothing. I don’t know if this was due to summer holliday (it was the 22nd of July). Otherwise, the food was OK, I guess, but you have to like fried food.

    And, by the way, thanks a lot for your web page! 🙂 It helped us during our visit together with my celiak son.

  6. I’m gluten free and my bfnd is veggie so your blog is so helpful to us! We’ll be in Berlin over the weekend. I hope to visit a bunch of places you’ve listed. Thank you for taking the time out to write up about them all.

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