Product Review – Semper Glutenfrei Pasta

One of the larger pains from being one of the gluten afflicted is that most ready meals are out of your reach, they often contain some form of wheat, mostly as it’s a cheap way of packing out cheap food.  In some ways, it’s a benefit not being able to eat such things, it leads us to eat fresher and healthier food, even if we have the slight downside of mostly cooking it ourselves.  But, there are those occasions when you simply do not have any free time, you’re in a rush and need something quick and easy.  Thankfully, there are some gluten free ready meals, of a sort, available and I received a couple of them through the post (along with a small red hedgehog cheese grater) from the Swedish brand Semper.

The first I tried is the Fusilli Funghi.

I was a little concerned with the small packet, ideas of a single serving vary from person to person, plus with the amount of water the instructions required, it looked a little odd in the pan.

But, as with all ready meals, some faith is required that the end product will appear.  Thankfully, the water soon thickened and this is what popped out at the end (with a little cheese based assistance).

All in all, it was good enough, especially as I had to put no effort into making it atall.  I’d forgotten such a simple pleasure.

The second packet was a Penne Carbonara.

I had much the same thoughts, but was a little excited to see the word ‘Bacon’ on the packet.

The little brown squares are said bacon.  It could of been worse.

The end result was pleasing enough, again, with the ‘no effort’ part enhancing the whole experience.

In conclusion, they are quick, easy, taste as good as you’d expect any ready meal to taste.  But as they’re about the only gluten free version of a pasta ready meal, I’d definitely buy a few to stick in your cupboard.

A side note though, I have yet to spot them for sale in Berlin, so your only option may be online purchase.  If you have spotted them, please comment on this review so others can find them too.



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