Restaurant Review – Fresh Eatery

UPDATE 19/01/13 – It looks like the Fresh Eatery is not gluten free atall, there are reports that people are having a reaction and that the vegetables are cooked in the same water as the wheat noodles.  Unfortunately, another symptom of the lack of gluten awareness in Germany.


I’ve walked past the Fresh Eatery in Mitte quite a few times (The Barn next door makes some rather fine coffee), but have never ventured in.  I had assumed it was like most places here, in that they do not have any gluten free food listed, the staff are likely to be uninformed and there is no chance that I would risk eating there.  But, this time, I came armed with a tip that they do infact cater to those of us living without gluten, so in I popped and inquired.

Whilst waiting in the queue I was steeling myself to be disappointed, one, as there was no mention of gluten on any menu anywhere, just lots of dishes which could contain hidden gluten and two, that the place had the air of a chain restaurant.  But, after asking the staff, they pointed out that they have a little piece of paper sellotaped to the back of the refrigerator,  listing which of their dishes have gluten and which do not, happiness!  Although why this is hidden, and not printed out somewhere for all to see, is beyond me.

The place itself isn’t your highest class of restaurant, I wouldn’t go expecting to have a big, freshly prepared from scratch sumptuous meal, it’s definitely more the type of place you would go for lunch to get something good and healthy whilst not spending too much money.

The kitchen/counter area is quite tiny but full of aluminium containers of food keeping warm to the left and little plastic containers of toppings to the right.  Good in that you can see what is actually being put on your plate.  I plumped for a sweet potato, chicken and rice combo.

I was quite surprised by the freshness of the food, what with it not being prepared to order, although I guess I shouldn’t of been as it is called the fresh eatery.  Overall it was quite good, cheap and filling.  Perfect for a quick meal when out and about in Mitte.

The only downside about the whole place is the seating is not exactly comfortable and the easyjet orange tends to assault the eyes and brain.  Although neither will put me off going back again.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t run out and go there this instant, but I would keep it on a list for when you need to get some good and quick food whilst out in the city.  If you’re visiting Berlin, I’d recommend visiting the area nearby, there are plenty of nice little galleries down Auguststrasse.

Fresh Eatery
Auguststraße 58
10119 Berlin
030 22198047

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Fresh Eatery

  1. Hey there,

    short update: this restaurant cooks their vegetables in the same water as they cook their wheat noodles and tell the customer, that everything is gluten free!! Reacted pretty badly on the food.

  2. not really gluten free, had stomach ache afterwards. guys, if you advertise as a gluten free restaurant, please train staff so they know about it

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