Cafe Review – Goodies – Take 2

There are few things I love more than being surprised.  Especially being one of the gluten afflicted, finding new food that I can eat just happens so infrequently.  So, the other week, as I was happily minding my own business on the streets of Friedrichshain, a sudden desire for creamy tasty chocolate based coffee hit me.  Thankfully I was close to goodies, a very good coffee place and one of my favourites in Berlin, happiness indeed.  As mentioned in my review from 2010, there should be no gluten free food to be had there, so I was not expecting to be able to eat anything.  But, as I’m an eternal optimist I always sniff around the cake displays, in the hope of seeing something without gluten.  Usually fruitless, but look, look what they had!

Made by the glorious Veganz aswell!  I almost popped I was so surprised.

Ahh, good coffee and unexpected cake to eat.  It’s days like that which lessen the pain of living without gluten.

UPDATE 20/09/12 – It looks like they don’t always have a gluten free cake available, please check before going to be sure.

Warschauerstr. 69
10243 Berlin

3 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Goodies – Take 2

  1. The best gluten free food in Berlin for take away. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Great coffee as well.

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