Product Review – Terra Nova Brötchen

I like walking into a shop and being surprised by a new item of gluten free food, something that I was not expecting, it completely cheers up my day, especially if that new food is something that you couldn’t buy previously.  Now, you may be thinking “well, that’s just a simple packet of two gluten free bread rolls, they’re available everywhere are they not?”, and I don’t blame you for such a thought, I had the same one when I first moved here.  But, for some reason, they were not sold here.  You could buy tiny rectangular rolls, which whilst tasty and good, were not suitable to put a burger in.  I do not know why this was the case, I am just happy that it is no longer.

The buns themselves are pretty good in terms of glutenfrei products here, although, as with all gluten free bread here, it is a little on the hard and crumbly side.  Thankfully, not too crumbly though, not enough to cause a bother at least.  Certainly not enough to stop you grabbing as many as you can and being happy you can eat a proper burger again.

In conclusion, I’d recommend them, even if mostly for their bun-ness.

Available in : Quentin Reformhaus Alexa and many other places.


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