Cafe Review – Funk You Natural Food

One of the things I find quite irritating about eating gluten free food here in Berlin (of which there are many), is the complete lack options for eating out at breakfast, well, that is unless you want eggs of some variety and don’t mind paying for bread that you are not going to eat.  Apart from Das Berliner Frühstück I’ve never seen anything specifically glutenfrei served anywhere, it’s usually pick the safest item on the menu, ask the staff to double check and hope they know what they’re talking about.  So when I walked into Funk You one afternoon (only expecting to encounter a little knowledge of those of us gluten afflicted and, if I was lucky, a cookie or some such) I was rather happily surprised.  Look what they have written on their menu!

That’s right, not just one but TWO specifically gluten free options for breakfast (plus eggs of course), not to mention the soups etc, heaven.  Add to this the smoothie menu and life is good.

I plumped for a sandwich, of the open variety, called Guns of Brixton, made on the same gluten free maisbrot that they serve the breakfast option upon.

Happiness.  Surprisingly the tastiest thing of the whole meal was the corn bread base, I don’t know what they did to it (my attempts at such things tend to turn out a little on the bland/dry side) but it was rather amazing.  For desert I had a little chocolate, cherry and strawberry mini cake thingy.

As this is a natural and health food place, it was full of actual flavours rather than blandness, masked with overuse of sugar and other such processed things.  Delicious.  I have since revisited to try one of their smoothies.

and to stuff my face with a gluten free muffin.

All in all I found the staff to be very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about their food, both in recommendations and allergy contents.  I felt quite safe eating all the food and had no reaction afterwards.

In conclusion, go visit and enjoy good food, plus relish in the fact of being able to pick a breakfast from a number of options!

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5 thoughts on “Cafe Review – Funk You Natural Food

  1. Thanks for the blog. Do you know of a restaurant list or map online somewhere for gluten free friendly restaurants in Berlin?

  2. Woo, looks good. I will head there at the week end!
    Do you have an area on the blog to submit recipes? I have a great gluten free pancake recipe I would love to share. Thanks. Celine

  3. The cornbread (not only gluten free, but also egg free!) is so delicious because it is made fresh to order with mozzarella inside. If you have any other allergies, be sure to let them know ahead of time. They are very kind and accommodating.

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