Product Review – Seitz Gluten Free Bread

For the most part I’ve given up on finding a good gluten free bread here in Berlin, simply put, the best of the best here is half as good as what I could get back in the UK.  But, every now and again I come across a new brand and think, maybe, just maybe, they’ll of got it right.  So, when I saw that Seitz had their own glutenfrei bread, I excitedly bought some.  When I got home and opened it, saw it was wrapped in clingfilm, possibly by hand, I got even more excited, could it be that it wasn’t made in some huge industrial process?  Alas, when I actually got to the bread, this is what I saw.

Yes, it was as hard and crumbly as it looks and, to be honest, no different from any of the other gluten free loaves you can buy here.  They did however, have a good range of ingredients I’d never seen before (another reason for that earlier mentioned excitement).

Gluten Free Wheat Starch, get that.  Still, it didn’t help with the bread.

In conclusion, avoid.

Available in : Edeka Reichelt Alexa


One thought on “Product Review – Seitz Gluten Free Bread

  1. Oh gluten free wheat starch, how I dislike that creation. Just stumbled across your blog as I’m heading to Berlin this weekend, so thank you for the tips!
    It’s the gluten free wheat starch that I can’t stand though, as we don’t have anything similar to this in Canada and it turns out I’m wheat intolerant as well. 😦 Thanks a lot for the tips though!

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