Restaurant Review – Rice Up

Ahh, U-Bahn stations, they’re often stinky, dark, full of odd people and generally always have a unsettlingly unclean floor (I dread to think what can cause stains of such permanence).  What they are not is places where you would expect to find a little treasure trove of gluten free food, but that is where we find Rice Up.  It is, one of those rare things, a new type of gluten free place here in Berlin, it is a place where you can buy a snack meal to eat whilst out and about for a nice cheap amount of euros!  SO, if like me, you get jealous of all your friends being able to go and buy a kebab at any number of places whilst you’re stuck eating a salad or naff fries (if you’re lucky enough to find some that don’t have a gluten laced coating) then this place is rather good indeed.

What they have are little triangular packets of Japanese Onigiri, in various varieties, all of which are gluten free, happiness indeed.  I’d never had an Onigiri before, but the girl behind the counter was most helpful and described the whole thing to me (including instructions on just how to get into the packet and eat the things).  I plumped for a ginger chicken with sweet potato combination and this is what I received.

I do like a good package, and somehow the triangular shape makes it all the more appealing.  I quickly ripped it apart though, and sliced open the contents.

Look at that, healthy snack food, what is the world coming to.  It was certainly fresh (fresher than you would expect when buying food in a U-Bahn station) and tasted pretty good.  The only downside is I was expecting a little more ginger chicken and sweet potato, but then I remembered that it only cost me €2.50 and I gave myself a quick slap around the face for having such a spoiled thought.  Therefore, the only downside with the place is their opening hours are a little restrictive.

I’d quite like to be able to buy snack food when drunken late at night like everyone else, but then, a healthy alternative to kebabs is not exactly the drunken food for the masses.  Fortunately though, that isn’t even a downside as they are sold in a few different locations around Berlin, check out their facebook page for the info (currently Veganz, Kulturkantine, Fresh `N´Friends Foodstore and betahaus).  As Fresh ‘n’ Friends is open 24 hours, I might just get my drunken snack food wish.

In Conclusion, healthy, gluten free, cheap and snackable.  Why aren’t you there already??

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6 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Rice Up

  1. Not all of them are gf!! They don’t use glutenfree soy sauce, I asked them and they checked! But there are some without soy sauce, really like them as well :)!

      1. That’s weird… I asked the owner on the 2nd day after they opened and he checked and told me a few days after it’s not glutenfree and it would be hard to find a glutenfree organic soy sauce. I told him it’s actually not so maybe he checked again and they changed it?! Anyway- I’m really happy all of them are glutenfree now- soooo yum :)!

  2. They had a stand at the Karneval der Kulturen today – so good! We’re already trying to think of excuses to head down to Schönleinstr for more.

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