The Slowfood Naschmarkt – Take 2

As my last visit to the Slowfood Naschmarkt, back in December, was verging on the magical I was super excited when, around a week ago, I found out that there was another happening!  For some reason, I thought it a Christmas market only thing, But, thankfully, it isn’t.  So I got myself down there as quickly as I could with dreams of filling a bag full of gluten free goodies (I think last time I bought 3 types of brownies alone).  On arrival I noticed the familiar signs next to some of the stalls, proclaiming their glutenfrei goodness.

Great! I thought.  But, my hopes were soon dashed on the rocks.  The signs were far less apparent than they had been before, and many of the places I had bought from the previous time had nothing gluten free atall.  Disappointment indeed.  Thankfully though, Frau Zeller had the same delicious cake as last time.

Along with Hudsons, who had their yummy gluten free brownies.

So, all in all, quite a let down.  But I guess we can’t really blame the stall owners.  If there aren’t enough of us buying gluten free food from them, it’s simply not worth them stocking it.  I suggest sending a few emails through to the owners, hassling them to make more gluten free goodies, the list of them is here.

I’m going to live in a land of hope and believe that next time, on the 17th June, there will be more for us.

Slowfood Berliner Naschmarkt
Markthalle Neun
Eisenbahnstr. 42/43
10997 Berlin



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