Restaurant Review – Essen Fassen


Update May 2014 – Unfortunately Essen Fassen has closed down 😦

I’d heard that Essen Fassen offered gluten free food some time ago but never actually made the effort to visit.  I had, mistakenly, assumed that the gluten-less food was just normal food that happened to have no gluten within it, as in what most ‘gluten free’ restaurant offerings tend to be.  This was due to there being no mention of glutenfrei on their website and no visible menu to speak of, which, if you’re like me, is a major stumbling block.  I need to know if there is food that I can eat and what that food is before I visit a place.

Then, a short time ago, I was walking past and decided to take a closer look.  What I found was that they not only mark what on their menu is gluten free, but that they also actually make gluten free versions of ‘normal’ food!  Happiness indeed.  Another short time later, and I was sat at a table, perusing their menu in more detail.

See all those little xx’s?  They’re all the gluten free options.  So many choices!  Plus note that they also specify the lactose free options too!  I plumped for the schnitzel (how could one not) and a short while later this arrived.

No, it’s not a pureed schnitzel in a glass.  It was a little shot ‘o’ soup and it was most delicious indeed (plus free).  Then, a little while later this gorgeous sight arrived.

Yes, it was as delicious and crispy as it looks and by far the best gluten free bread coating I’ve ever had, far better than the one I tried whilst in Prague.  My friend had ordered the Polenta (all gluten free) and it was almost equally as delicious (sampled only for review purposes of course).

Several minutes of furious eating ensued, then after several more minutes of almost exploding it was pointed out to me that they also offer gluten free desserts!  A quick look at the menu later and a pear and coffee crumble was ordered.  I was in heaven indeed.

Yes, that is freshly made from scratch and yes, again, it was as good as it looks.

In conclusion, I’m still not sure why they do not advertise the fact that they’re so allergen friendly, or at least even mention such a fact on their website, maybe it is something new for them.  All in all though, the place is small and cosy with great service and delicious food.  Basically, Essen Fassen left me a very happy man and I shall be visiting there frequently, I suggest, for the sake of your taste buds, you do the same.

Essen Fassen
Knesebeckstr. 89
10623 Berlin
030 22438118

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Essen Fassen

  1. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to offer gluten free lunch very often – I’ve been there two times for lunch and the only thing I could eat was salad. Nevertheless, it was good. And dinner was great.

  2. thank you so much for the entire blog. I’m heading to Berlin tomorrow and without you, I wouldn’t know where to eat!

  3. Thanks so much! This is right by my hotel and I’m going to go for dinner tonight! Today is day 1 of 5 so I will be using your blog for help finding food! Thanks so much for doing it.

  4. @Marén
    That’s strange, everytime I went there for lunch they had at least one non-salad glutenfree option. Plus it’s less expensive and you get free green tea! 🙂

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