Cafe Review – Ilse Hühnchen

Update September 2012 – Had a tip that this place has unfortunately closed, one less gluten free cafe in Berlin…

As a Gluten sufferer I often find it mildly irritating being in cafe’s, looking at all the delicious cakes on offer and not being able to so much as try a tiny bite of any of them (plus, I usually have to watch the people I’m with stuff their happy faces with all manner of cookies and cakes).  So it pleases me greatly when I find (with the aid of a welcome emailed tip) another cafe which caters to the Gluten Free community.  This time it’s Ilse Hühnchen on Winsstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg.

The place itself, I found a little odd, the layout and decor are all nice enough but the atmosphere was a little unnerving.  I’ve been twice, once a year or so ago, before I knew of their glutenfrei treats, and was treated to a ‘walk into a western saloon, the music stops playing and everyone turns round to stare at you’, which wasn’t the best.  Then this time, whilst not as severe, it did have an air of the members only club to it.  Maybe the cafe is a little more the place for all the locals in the area to gather, or maybe it was just an off day that I turned up.

But, don’t let that distract you from visiting, those little jars you can see on the counter usually have a few different glutenfrei treats inside, differing in variety depending upon the week.  On this visit, I was treated to a macaroon.

Most delicious indeed and the coffee was great.

Cafe Ilse Hühnchen
Winsstraße 11
10405 Berlin

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