The Slowfood Naschmarkt

A few weeks ago an amazing event happened, for one day, and unfortunately for one day only, an entire market hall was filled to the brim with desserts, cakes, sweets and all manor of goodies thanks to Slowfood Berlin.  Now, for us gluten afflicted, this would be nothing to shout about.  Simply lots of food to look at and pine that it can no longer be consumed by yourself.  But, this was something special, for at this event two things happened.  One, the organisers took the time to ask all the participants if they would be bringing anything glutenfrei and then organised these rather useful signs.

And two, more importantly, a lot of the stalls actually had gluten free products.  As in specifically made cakes, brownies and savory treats.  In a word, Heaven.

This is what greeted me on entry, you probably can’t see there, but thats not one, but two glutenfrei options from Frau Zeller!

It was most delicious indeed.

The only problem with the rest of the market (and this is a problem i was very happy to have and wish would happen more often) was that there was too much choice.  Think of that, too many cakes and sweeties to choose from, if only it was like that all the time (although then I would be quite large in proportions).

I finally got to try some of Hudson’s gluten free brownies, equally delicious.  I keep trying to convince them to cook gluten free more often, but alas, they do not have the customers to make it worthwhile at the moment (ie. travel, visit, ask).

Then, as if there wasn’t enough goodness, I discovered some amazing peanut brownies from Got Dessert?

There were many other offerings on the day, too many to show here, but all in all it was amazing.  Here’s hoping it’s the direction of glutenfrei baking here in Berlin.

Naschmarkt Berlin


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