Shop Review – Edeka Reichelt Alexa

I never really venture inside Edeka supermarkts, mostly as the one near to me is tiny and pretty awful (plus, they have nothing for us gluten afflicted).  But, I had a tip that the Edeka in the basement of Alexa had a few special gluten free treats on offer, so off I went for a visit, and it turns out they do.

Alas, they don’t have any types of gluten free products that you cannot buy anywhere else, but they do, at least, have it from a different manufacturer.  However, they do mix it in with all the other produce, so you have to scour the shelves to find things you can eat.  Why they do this is beyond me.

In this case, Seitz, which I’d never heard of before and haven’t seen it for sale in any other shops.  But, a little variety is something I crave and the more competition there is out there, the better the products should become.

It was all pretty standard stuff really, the only difference as that they use chickpea flour in their pasta (albeit combined with the regular rice and corn flour), which might make a little difference in texture, at least one would hope (I’m a little sick of corn pasta).

In conclusion, not the most earth shattering of places to shop, but it is at Alexanderplatz, where there are quite a few gluten free places, each stocking different brands.  Making it, so far, the best place to go for a shopping trip (see the recommendations link at the top for a listing of all the shops there).  Also, pretty much next door is a Rossmann.  Again, not the best for gluten free food, but they do have their own range :

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 Seitz Gluten Free products

2 thoughts on “Shop Review – Edeka Reichelt Alexa

  1. at Kaufland supermarkets you will find the same stuff but cheaper (especially the noodles are good in price (€1.69) and tasty too…

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