Cafe Review – Katie’s Blue Cat

One of the things I do miss from my gluten filled days is the ability to sit in a cafe and munch on something fattening and tasty, usually just a smallish snack, the ‘whole slice of cake’ thing always feels like an extravagance to me. Alas, it was about all you could get here in Berlin.  But, thanks to the great foodeinberlin, I found a place which offers freshly baked gluten free cookies in a nice cafe setting (as there are some here that almost offer the food, but lack the comfort and warmth for a lazy afternoon reading a book).

On the day I visited there was just the glutenfrei Peanut Butter Cookies on offer, although I’ve been told by the owner that they have Carob-Coconut-Bites on the weekends, and (if we gluten afflicted ask for it) hopefully more to follow.  The cookie itself was more on the English biscuit side than the American cookie, in the sense that it was quite hard and prone to crumbling.  It did, understandably with the peanut butter, have a distinct American-ness to it though, but, in the end all that matters was that it was rather yummy.

The coffee was pretty good also (made from Bonanza Coffee beans) and they do have Lactose Free milk for those who need it.

The decor is quite nice, esepcially the old timey glass cabinet and storage jars at the front.  In conclusion, well worth a visit, especially if you have gluten eating friends (the place is a treasure trove of goodies for them).

Click the banner below to see all the details of this cafe on our sister site, Allergy Explorer.
Allergy Explorer - Gluten Free food and restaurant listings in Germany

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