Product Review – Bofrost Maultaschen

The last of my bofrost reviews (I did order more, but I seem to of eaten it all) is their Maultaschen.  At their most basic level they’re pretty much just a large ravioli, which isn’t a bad thing, it has been some time since I’ve eaten such a dish.  I’m just not sure why there are no similar gluten free treats available, pasta on its own, yes, containing something, not so much (plus a distinct lack of glutenfrei pasta sheets for making lasagne, but that’s another story).

The Maultaschen were as advertised, after cooking they tasted pretty good and had a good consistency, but were nothing to write home about.  Pretty much the same as the bofrost pizza, it’s good if you miss eating these things, but it’s not the best quality version of it.


On a side note, I did sample their Wiener Schnitzel, which was rather good indeed (and possibly the reason none survived long enough to be reviewed).  Very similar to gluten filled breaded products and well worth a try.



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