Product Review – Bofrost Mehrkornbrot


As most of you will know, I have a hard time with the gluten-less bread products here in Germany, they tend to not meet my standards more for the fact that they are German style bread rather than English style bread.  Which means that they tend to be less fluffy and light, plus generally smaller in size.  So, I was a little happier to find this stuff, the bofrost Mehrkornbrot, as it is kind of an inbetween.  It’s small in stature and a little tough, but just springy enough to make a difference.  I mean, its no Genius bread, but then, not much is.

All in all I was quite satisfied, plus, with it being pre sliced and frozen, it stays fairly fresh (well as fresh as most gluten free products are, ie. slightly stale).  It is much less powdery than the Schär products and I’d say it is definitely the best loaf of glutenfrei bread I’ve bought here in Germany.  The addition of the tasty seeds is just a bonus.

Available from Bofrost at €3.95 for a 400g loaf.

Although, be warned, after you order from bofrost once, they’ll hound you every month with junkmail and phone calls asking you what you want to order this month.  Quite irritating indeed.




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