Product Review – Bofrost Glutenfrei Pizza

A friend recently introduced me to bofrost, an online frozen food delivery service, as they have a rather good free-from section.  Thankfully they offer mostly gluten free versions of regular frozen foods rather than just foods that happen to not contain gluten, something rare and rather good.  I find I often just want to eat the same junk food/breaded meat products that I ate before the whole gluten problem arose.  So off I went and ordered a freezer full of gluten-less treats.

Up for review first, the pizza.

Now, the pizza on the box looks quite good and tasty.  Lets open it up and see what we get inside!

Hmm, I guess it’s similar.  But, this is one thing that I don’t get with the glutenfrei frozen pizzas I have bought thus far, they all tend to be on the bottom end of the scale.  In the gluten world you can buy cheap nasty frozen pizzas and high quality frozen pizzas, so why are the gluten free ones so cheap looking and lacking in flavour?

But, i rescued it by adding my own toppings, so the only important factor is how good was the crust?  Well, allright, a little hard and cardboard like, but then it is gluten free.

In conclusion, at €5.95 a pop, i don’t think it’s worth it.


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