Shop Review – Veganz

I do love the excitement of a new shop opening, especially when they have a certain gluten focus (even if, as here, it isn’t their main focus).  Mostly as I love wandering around, checking all the shelves and seeing what unknown treats are hiding within.

With Veganz I was a little more excited than usual as I’d been to their stand at the recent Vegan festival in Alexanderplatz, bought a couple of pieces of gluten free cake and stuffed my face happily.  I’d heard that not only were they a markt of sorts but that they had a cafe serving freshly baked (in house!) cakes.  Joy indeed.

First, though, was a perusal of their shelves.

I was minorly disapointed, although not surprised, to see that the gluten free food is mixed in with the rest of the food.  It seems to be a fairly standard practice here.  Meaning I’m sure I missed a few gluten free goods as they simpily were not labeled clearly enough.  For instance, can you tell why I took the top photo?  No, it’s not the gluten free pasta.  It’s not the quinoa.  It’s the cous cous, one box made from corn, one from rice.  But if you didn’t look closely at everything, you might just skip by it.

The frozen section is a little average, but far better than you’d get in most places.  There are a few different types of pizzas but not a whole lot else (hopefully this will change in the future).

But, their biscuit (or cookie if you’re from more distant lands) section, is amazing.  I noticed brands imported from both the UK and US.

The difference between the horrific werz glutenfrei cookies and the doves farm cookies is night and day, I’d say the difference between eating compressed sugar and sand bars with actual cookies.

Also, for those of you lactose afflicted, they have a pretty good alternative milk selection (plus a good selection of ice cream).

All in all, the shop is pretty damn good.  There is a more varied selection here than in other places and most of what you can buy here isn’t for sale anywhere else that I’ve seen.  The downside is that you are going to pay for it, a large frozen gluten free pizza is going to set you back around €10.50, the Against the Grain cookies were €5 a box.  But, it is pretty specialist and mostly imported.

The cafe however, was a bit of a letdown.  Not in terms of the food (or coffee), they had two gluten-less options on the day I was there :

I plumped for the banana chocolate cake and it was quite delicious.

The downside was that there are only around 10 seats inside and 4 outside, meaning on a weekend (or, for that fact, the weekday that I went on) you could struggle to find a seat.  Here’s hoping that they get some outside tables for the rest of the summer, but, at the end of the day, it is more of a shop than a cafe.  The good combination of these means that you can go on a Sunday when the cafe is open and sneak a few items from the shop to purchase.

In conclusion, do I like Veganz?  Yes, very much so.  I’m just not sure whether I like the fact that I like it.  Do I recommend that you go?  Definitely, and soon, it’s just that your waist line and wallet might be angry afterwards.

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3 thoughts on “Shop Review – Veganz

  1. Oooh, fantastic. I personally don’t often go glutenfrei but it is good to know about this place. I look forward to stopping in to get away from the soja/reis/hafer-milch stranglehold on milk alternatives here.

  2. They’re the only place I have found so far that has rice and coconut milk WITHOUT sunflower oil – something I can’t have due to an intolerance – so I recommend them for that alone. Kara coconut milk and Soya rice milk.

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