Cafe Review – Süßkramdealer

Not too far from Eis Voh, down in Friednau, there is a little cafe which (seemingly secretly) sells gluten free chocolate brownies.  I can’t quite remember how I came across this information now as they certainly don’t advertise it themselves.  Infact there is nothing indicating that the brownies are gluten free in the display or packaging (plus a rather disturbing lack of an ingredient list), so how anyone would know is beyond me.  But, thankfully, I do, and therefore, thankfully, now you do too.
The place itself is quite nice and has kept the feel of an olde sweet shop (at least to my English eyes) with a jarringly different back room selling hand made bits n bobs.
Well worth a little poke around to (depending upon your predilection) waste/joyfully spend a little money.
The coffee, alas, I did not have time to sample.  I just had a desire for some mini gluten-less brownies.  So, as they only had one packet, I bought it immediately.  Well, almost immediately, I first needed some assurance that despite no the lack of signs that they were definitely 100% gluten free.  Which, I was given, but when I asked why they didn’t say that they’re gluten free, they had no idea.  In my experience brownies are usually gluten filled, so unless I’m missing something obvious, I’m a little puzzled.
Now, I’ll try to demonstrate how good these little brown orbs are by the following picture of the packet.
I had intended to take a picture of the whole packet (around 10), and I had intended to take a picture in focus.  Alas, they did not survive that long and my will was not strong enough to take a second picture.  Most delicious indeed.
The cafe is pretty easy to get to/find, located directly outside the southern entrance to the Budesplatz S-Bahn station.
Varziner Str.4
12159 Berlin-Friedenau

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