Product Review – Locally Baked Breads

I think if I were to be living in Berlin without my gluten affliction, I wouldn’t be so happy with the regular bread that is available, I find it generally to small but mostly I just prefer my bread to be a little softer and a little less brick like.  So I shouldn’t be too surprised that I’m not really happy with the pre-made gluten free options available (well, apart from this).

But, every so often I get my hopes up.  This time was due to hearing of two places offering freshly baked bread, not made in a giant factory in some nameless far away place but made close enough to be called local (ish).

The first is a little round affair baked by lewBio and available in the Bio-Deli at Invalidenstrasse 153.

The bread itself is a little seedy for my liking, but it has some flavour and isn’t as tough as it first looks (after a quick refresher in the oven).  Probably not something I’ll be rushing out to buy frequently, but worth a try for something different.  I wouldn’t say its any better (or worse) than the pre-made alternatives available though.

The shop has a few other gluten free offerings, but nothing too much out of the ordinary.  The bread is on the left of the bakery counter for €3.30 and is pretty easy to miss (I’ve been here a few times and haven’t noticed it before).  They get deliveries twice a week so should be fairly well stocked.

The second I was a little more hopeful about.  I’d been tipped that Cereals No. 29 Natural Deli at Senefelderstrasse 29 was now offering glutenfrei bread.  I’ve been past the place many times but never ventured too far inside, see if you can guess why (ps. its their wheat based logo).

A quick online search revealed that they are described as a good bakery where they bake their own goods.  Happily I walked over and placed an order for some Weissbrot.  Alas, this is what I got in return.

Bread baked by the Baeckerei Vollkern based in brandenburg and from the looks of it, it had been sat on a shelf for a day or two and wasn’t as fresh as I would of hoped.

Flavour wise it was pretty bland (partly due to it being weissbrot I think) and was more reminiscent of the breads I first got in the UK many years ago, ie. gluten free food has moved on quite a lot since then.  Its not particularly bad, but its not great either.

As far as I could tell, the deli does not offer breads they bake themselves, although this may of been a miss-communication due to language barriers.


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